Xanova Mensa Pro Gaming Mouse Review

9.2 Total Score
Xanova Mensa ($39.99)

The Xanova Mensa Pro (XMP) is a small, 95g right-handed 6 button mouse with 5 zone RGB, software, 50M omron switches, a 3389 sensor and braided cable.

Performance 10
  • + Ergonomics (A) Excellent in my opinion. The left side of the mouse is angled so that it feels rather similar to the G303, but with more G502 curvature. I was worried the right side of the mouse would jut out too far and annoy me like the Roccat Kone Pure, but in practice it felt more flat like the G403 or MM530, huge relief. Hand/grip types that should be at home here are small palm, small, medium fingertip and medium, large claw. The striking piece about the design of this mouse is that everything on the mouse feels properly “proportional” somehow. For those familiar with how the hand melts onto the G502, this is a rather similar experience, but sadly without the finger groove.
  • + Textures/materials. (A-) Some of the best plastic texturing I’ve seen on a mouse. The top is a smooth plastic, nothing special there, but the side grips were rather interesting. They managed to have a feel similar to the G403. To my shame, I actually, had been using the mouse for several hours before I realized the sides were not rubber. I had a “wait, what? MUST SCRATCH AT IT” moment. Bottom line, these are some of the best plastic side grips out there, the feel is nice and subtle with decent grip.
  • LOD (A+) is very low and the 3389 feels like a typical snappy/accurate 3389.
  • Scroll wheel placement and surface tread are nice. Middle click force is medium, not great, but far from bad.
  • Primary clicks are good. (B+) Short travel, low noise, good tactility. There is virtually no pretravel on my copy, and they are excellent. I put them a notch above the Model O, but even though they are excellent, I’d still put them a notch below multiple Logitech mice in this department.
  • Thumb buttons. (A-) Even though the rear thumb buttons looks noticeably high, I did not have issues reaching it in game which was an early concern. Scored well in terms of placement/tactility/pretravel.
  • RGB (A) Pleasant color depth, decent transitions and good brightness. With five different zones, there are a lot of different effects and color combos that you can play with here. Above average in terms of visual customization.
  • The DPI button is out of the way with good tactility and a nice curvature for when you press it with the index finger – it is actually angled slightly to the right to match the angle your index finger ends up at. I am tickled by little thoughtful touches like this that are not required or necessarily easy to implement. Maybe the button om my copy was just defective…but since there’s no wobble etc, I’m assuming “by design” and awarding kudos.
  • Scroll resistance is rather light and while steps feel tactile they also feel widely separated. Good for browsing, but it took me some time to adapt AWP quickscoping coming from more responsive scrolls. I did adapt, but this is a shortcoming.
  • Cable is subpar, stiffness was poor and kinks did not come out easily.
  • Virus in software. When I initially downloaded it Windows Defender found a virus inside. Confirmed it was bad using various websites, uninstalled, played with antivirus software, posted screenshots to reddit. I decided to try back every few days to see if Xanova would refresh the software version. About a week later they did, no virus and third time was the charm. Even though it seems to be resolved, BE SURE TO SCAN INSTALLER WITH WINDOWS DEFENDER/ANTIVIRUS! When open in game, mouse lost lateral tracking twice in a 20 minute timeframe for a couple seconds.
  • Software. The software itself is clean, powerful and and intuitive. All the stuff I’d want present is there and it usually works, but there are cons. First, RGB colors in UI do not match what is displayed on mouse. Second, during a little over a week in use, there were two times when the software would not open and two times when it would not close and had to be killed via Task Manager. Also of note, one day playing CSGO I had 3 separate instances of the mouse sensor not tracking lateral movement. Each instance only lasted a couple seconds but did get me killed the first time it happened. After a little tinkering, my working theory is that it has something to do with the software running in the background. Without the software running in the background, everything worked fine several days before and after.
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The Basics:

The Xanova Mensa Pro (XMP) is a small, 95g right-handed 6 button mouse with 5 zone RGB, software, 50M omron switches, a 3389 sensor and braided cable.

The Middling:

* Thumb button shape can be annoying. Instead of being flat or bulbous, they are angular. If you press them directly laterally, it feels like you are pressing down on a little plastic triangle. The harder you press, the more annoyed you will be. It appears the designers planned on users rolling their thumb upward toward the button, in which case the design makes sense, but could have been less exclusive. Minor gripe in an overall positive area.

* The mouse is great for small hands at only 115mm long, but not easily recommended for hands over 18.5cm. Hands over 19cm may be spilling over the end pretty easily depending on how they grip the mouse.

* The top of the mouse is a silver color. Personally, I did not like this. Over several days, I decided I didn’t mind it at all. For some people, the silver will cause desktop color clashes. If you want an all black version of this mouse, it ain’t out there. If you do see it, it is the plain Mensa version with the crumby 3325 sensor – don’t go there.

* Despite very good build quality in general, there is a very slight rattle related to the scroll wheel – minor issue.

* Xanova is a relatively unknown company for me. They do not have a wide variety of products but they sell in a wide variety of places – that isn’t necessarily a good thing for logistics. I noticed that other reviewers of this mouse mentioned a stiff/gummy scroll and a hard middle click, not something I encountered with my XMP. Yes, products can differ from batch to batch, but I have doubts regarding production consistency.

* Buttons are flat. No finger grooves. Minor point.

The Conclusion:

Pleasantly surprised. There are some warning flags due to size and my experience with the software. Also, the XMP is not “elite” from a weight standpoint at 95g. That said, I’m currently looking at the XMP itself as a top shelf mouse that will make a lot of people happy. It compares well next to the G403 and Rival 310 for small medium/palm. If you are the kind of person who is into small fingertip mice like the Roccat Kone Pure, G303 or even the G502, the XMP is definitely worth checking out. Personally, because of shape/sensor, I place the XMP above the G303, RKP and G203/G Pro even if the clicks and scroll don’t beat out all of them. For me, the XMP does not beat out the G502 as a daily driver, but it will steal CSGO time from my G Pro Wireless and Model O due to the shape and acceptable performance in all other categories.

Nit-Noid Rating: 9.2

Bang for $50 Bucks: B


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