Wireless Mics For Xbox One 2021


Some of the Best Wireless Mics for Xbox One

Avid gamers are aware of the importance of having a quality headset. A good headset enhances your Xbox gaming experience in many ways. Headsets may be wired or wireless. However, gaming using wired headsets can be a hassle if you are likely to move around or you want to take a quick break. Hence, many gamers prefer investing in a good wireless headset. Certain headsets are optimized for Xbox One, thus they provide a better experience to gamers. We have listed down a few wireless mics for Xbox One below:

Steelseries Arctis 9X


This is one of the most preferred wireless mics for the Xbox one. The quality of audio in this headset is amazingly high! It emphasizes the sounds generated from the movements of players. The retractable microphone has a sleek design and the quality of the mic is equally good. The sound features of the mic can be further fine-tuned using the PC app. The sidetone mic monitoring can be increased or decreased too.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

This headset has a comfortable design and it is quite affordable too. The sound quality is decent and the product comes with the promise of excellent battery life. The quality of the microphone is satisfactory. It can be used extensively, for chatting as well. The microphone has a flip-to-mute feature that is quite handy.

LucidSound LS35X

The headset is packed with coolant gel for comfort! It also has a generous amount of cushioning, so it can be used for long hours. The headset is built to attenuate important audio cues. The product has an amazing voice-monitoring microphone. The battery life is pretty decent too.

Corsair HS35

This product is for anyone on a budget. At a pocket-friendly price, HS35 provides one of the clearest mics in the market. The mic can be detached too. The audio quality is on par with most mid-range sets, but it provides great value for money.

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