Razer Mercury White Keyboard Review 2020

8.5 Total Score
Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard ($147.22)

When it comes to gaming having a fast and responsive keyboard is a must. This is especially true when you are a pro-level gamer. Gaming keyboards are different than ordinary keyboards. They are fast and extremely smooth to use. This makes it easier for you to control your game.

  • Excellent design
  • Fast and responsive mechanical switches
  • Beautiful RGB lighting
  • Appearance interferes with typing
  • No USB pass-through
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Razer Mercury White Keyboard (Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard) Review

When it comes to gaming having a fast and responsive keyboard is a must. This is especially true when you are a pro-level gamer. Gaming keyboards are different than ordinary keyboards. They are fast and extremely smooth to use. This makes it easier for you to control your game.

Not just in terms of functionality, but gaming keyboards also differ in looks and design from a regular keyboard. They are usually more attractive and feature LED-backlit keys with multiple colours.

If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard to boost your gaming experience, then we have just the right thing in stock. Razer Mercury White Keyboard is designed to give you better gaming experience. It is known for its speed and great looks. We have reviewed the keyboard in detail below.

About Razer Mercury White Keyboard

Razer keyboards have always amazed users with its excellent performance and innovative features. This keyboard is no exception. From great design to performance, it has got everything to blow your mind and give you enhanced gaming experience.

The main strength of the keyboard is great software, decent mechanical switches, and solid performance. This is one of the fastest keyboards you will find. With this keyboard, you will no longer face any delay in your game. It gives you responsiveness and speed like never before.

This is not the first time but Razer Mechanical Switches have always proven themselves to be the best choice for gaming. It is not only durable but also delivers you top-notch performance. If you are looking for a reliable gaming keyboard, then this could be the best option for you. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of the user. Unless you have used it, you wouldn’t know the difference between Razer Mercury White Keyboard and others.


Now that you know the basics of Razer Mercury White Keyboard, it’s time that we get to know its features as well. To help you out, we have laid down the details below.


At first glance, it looks quite attractive. It features a full-size, tenkeyless plus a row of macro keys. The keys are very responsive which matters the most for a gamer.

It has a faceplate made of metal and is a low profile. You can easily see all the keycaps and even the roots of each of the switches underneath. The manufacturers have tried to make it as cool as possible. This is an industry-standard keyboard that features a very distinctive design. It is any day more interesting than your boring keyboard.

As far as size is concerned, it’s the same as all the other BlackWidow Chroma keyboards in the series. It weighs about 3 pounds which is neither too compact nor too huge. For a mechanical keyboard that is fine. Like other Razer keyboards, this one doesn’t have a built-in wrist rest. It is designed in a way to save space. But the thing is it doesn’t provide you with much wrist support.


The keys are extremely responsive and noisy. It has better keys than many of the other mechanical keyboards. The keys are designed to meet the needs of the users. It is smooth and comfortable to use, just exactly what you are looking for.

It features deeper keycaps with more gulf between keys. Due to the metal faceplate, the keyboard sits heavily on a flat surface or desk and feels cold to the touch. As far as typing is concerned, it is not as comfortable as it should be. The maximum words you can type in a minute is only 113. It can be less depending on your typing speed. Also, it may take you some time to adjust to type on this keyboard. But the keys are incredibly responsive which makes up for the typing part.


When it comes to performance, the Razer Mercury White Keyboard is a killer. It gives you excellent performance across the board. Games like Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Rise of the Tomb Raider are nothing for it to handle. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you will surely like its performance.

This is an all-purpose keyboard and therefore, doesn’t favour any particular genre. Purchase this keyboard can make it easier for you to play multiplayer games online. All thanks to the extra macro keys that make it possible.

The mechanical switches are not only durable but they also feel extremely comfortable to use. There is hardly any game that won’t benefit from this keyboard.


The Razer Mercury Keyboard has everything that you would ever want in your gaming keyboard. This full-size mechanical keyboard is the ultimate keyboard you need. With five extra macro keys, it makes it easier for you to handle almost any game with it.

One thing that you will surely love about this keyboard is the backlighting. It offers 16.8 million colours that look extremely beautiful. Without the plastic faceplate getting in the way, the colours look even rich and vibrant. Rather the colours are reflected by the metal plate and give them a vibrant appearance. With the help of the Razer Synapse, it is quite easy to change and add different colour effects.

The software also makes it easy for you to program macros, or reprogram any mouse function you want. Not just that but you can also create different profiles for each game. It also allows you to activate and deactivate a “game mode.”

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, we know that the Razer Mercury White keyboard is a high-performance keyboard with all the right features.it is known for its great speed and responsiveness. It may not be that great in typing but it when it comes to gaming, it can handle all genre and types. Not to forget, it also has beautiful RGB lighting. In short, this is one of the finest BlackWidow series of keyboards you will find.


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