The 10 Best Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021


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With the right gaming mouse, anything is possible. Winning is easy, gaming is fun- and most importantly, your gaming potential is unleashed!
Gaming may come as easy to you as writing to Shakespeare- but not without the right pen. In this case, we’re referring to a good gaming mouse. With a good gaming mouse, you can accomplish feats you’ve only dreamt of before. Think of it like this: You have a ready gaming PC, a comfortable chair, a great keyboard, all you need is an equipped mouse to be the catalyst and lead you to efficient gaming and fast wins.

This is often because gaming mice are designed to be different, better than a casual office mouse. The gaming mouse has a sensor that is far more responsive than an average mouse. It is also prized for its accuracy in performance, it never lets any smoothing or acceleration deviate you from you’re A-Game. They are not only superior in their functions but also their appearances. They’re typically known to feature nicely positioned buttons that contribute to gaming key binds.

A gaming mouse that follows these standards will be instrumental in unlocking your gaming PC’s full and unstoppable potential. After all, what is the use of owning a super compatible PC with an equally compatible mouse? Gaming mice are many- they stretch far and wide across different features and qualities to support different aspects of gaming. In your search for an appropriate gaming mouse, you’re bound to even find mice that cater to a specific gaming genre.

However, your hands deserve a mouse that can program well under your nimble and fast fingers- respond intuitively to give you the best gaming experience. For that, you must think in terms of your priorities, and most importantly: comfort. You should look for a gaming mouse that is the right size, shape, and weight for your hand. There are also ambidextrous mice in the market that exist to be suitable for left-handed users as well.

Additionally, to ensure that every gaming experience is fun and devoid of any slumps- it is important to pick a gaming mouse that is helpful and easy to use. A heavy contributor to gaming mice that help reach your goals is the aspect of lightness or light-weightiness. Thus, on your search for a gaming mouse, it helps to look for one that is both light and comfortable. A light gaming mouse can prevent wrist fatigue and any accidental injuries.

You can reduce these risks by using the lightest gaming mouse. The typical lightest gaming mouse is one that is lightweight, fast, and provides comfort, stability, and mobility while gaming. These light gaming mice are usually recommended as they don’t get in your way and move across the mouse pad at high speed. A mouse below 100 grams is usually Considered the ideal light gaming mouse.

With the lightest gaming mouse, quick movements, and mouse flicks that can be made with relative ease Light gaming mice are not only a remarkable addition to your gaming rig but are also valuable in a normal PC setup.

The combination of a light gaming mouse with an equally charismatic and quick sensor is what heightens the gaming experience. Along with a sensor, it is suggested that you look for a comfortable grip that can function well for a long time. These aspects make the lightest gaming mouse much more of an asset. Thus, it is important to Consider the factors while looking for the lightest gaming mouse.

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What To Consider While Buying The Lightest Gaming Mouse?

Even the lightest gaming mouse isn’t endgame without some must-have factors and features. While searching for a light gaming mouse, make sure to keep the following aspects in mind!


DPI or Dots Per Inch is an important metric to compare your mouse with. The DPI is a system used to calculate and give you an estimate of the sensitivity level of a mouse. The DPI, thus, in a way, quantifies the usefulness of your mouse through this system of measurement. Every mouse has a set number of sensors that are used to detect and react to movements of the mouse. The DPI takes it upon itself to measure these sensors and tell you how sensitive a mouse is.

The lightest gaming mouse, in combination with a high DPI makes a increases a mouse’s value. Thus, a mouse with a high DPI is bound to respond to movements more easily than a mouse with a lower DPI. Most modern mice function within a range of DPI values that can efficiently record movements and function according to the user’s needs.

Wired/Wireless Mouse:

Another factor/feature to take into account while purchasing a lightweight mouse is its connection. Do you prefer a wired or a wireless connection to your computer? Both connection types carry different benefits. However, it is up to you to choose which one is the most suitable for your gaming needs.

For instance, the wired mouse is advantageous because it never requires to be charged. It also doesn’t give you any problems regarding input latency, or lag because it has a direct connection to your PC. The not-so-great Consequences of a wired mouse come with, well, the wires. The connection wires can often become tangled and limit your range of movement- which is vital during gaming. Besides, wires are also subject to becoming frayed or worn down over time. To counter these disadvantages, many companies use durable materials to build their wires, while making them longer to avoid the problem of tangling.

On the other hand, wireless mice usually function through a connection based on USB adaptors or a Bluetooth connection. This means you don’t have to take care of any messy cords or wires.

However, the wireless mouse usually requires a regular change of batteries or to be charged in continuous intervals


A lot of gaming mice also have the feature of extra buttons in various places on the mouse. These additional buttons can be used to take quick shortcuts or will act as specific hotkeys in different games. This can be of real use because you can take quick action during a game through these extra buttons without risking your victory! The extra buttons are often located on the sides or along with the scroll wheel. While extra buttons are not a must, they can be advantageous. Whether you need extra buttons is something you must choose for yourself based on the games your play and your personal preferences.


An essential factor to Consider while purchasing a light gaming mouse is to look for the right grip. Choosing the right grip is important because handling the grip determines the ease of actions that follow. With a suitable grip type and size, you can avoid wrist fatigue and sweating (which can be real inconveniences during gaming). A strong grip also helps you take firm control of the mouse. The grip is relevant not only to gaming but to all genres of operation.

Choosing a good grip style is dependent on three important details: the type of the game, and the size of your hands, and the size of the mouse. The three grip styles that are integrated into gaming mice are the palm grip, tip grip, and the claw grip.

The palm grip is the most suitable grip style for gamers. It is a standard grip style because it promotes comfort and easy movements while gaming over everything. Your index and middle finger correspondingly rest on the left and right-click button while all the other fingers naturally curve over the body. This allows you to get complete support from your palm while playing. A wider gaming mouse is usually good for offering a palm grip.

The tip grip is great and comes in handy when you have to maneuver in between complex controls. On this grip, your hand is structured in a way that the tips of your index, ring, and middle fingers touch the left, the wheel and the right wheel button accordingly. Unlike the palm grip, the rest of your hand doesn’t rest on the body of the mouse. Instead, they touch the grips on each side of the mouse. The tip grip style is suitable in compact mice with light bodies.

In the claw grip, the hand rests with fingers curled inwards in a claw-like shape. Respectively, the palm meets the backside of the mouse while the index, middle, and ring fingers sit on the buttons. The thumb is positioned at the side of the mouse. The claw grip style suits both wide and compact-sized mice.

Laser-Optical Sensors

The sensor on a mouse is a very important feature. You’re typically bound to find either of these two types of sensors in all the mice you see- laser or optical sensors.

The laser sensor is the most common type of sensor and works on any and every surface. Thus, it is easily receptive to movements- which can also be a downfall. This is because the laser mice also have a higher lift-off distance, according to which they will record movements even as you lift the mouse to reposition it. The sensor reads these extra movements and implements them into the game, which can cause problems.

The optical sensor is, thus, usually preferred by most gamers. This gives you an accurate reading of all your movements and prevents any problems in sensory reception.

The Shape And Comfort

Undeniably, comfort is the basis of all forms of activity- and this includes gaming. Gaming can be fun or aggravating depending on the comfort a Console offers to its gamer. So make sure to look for mouse shapes that fit into your hand well. Make sure that you recheck the size of the mouse before purchasing and find out whether it fits small or large hands. Another important detail to

Consider is to look for left or right-handed mice depending on the user’s preferred hand.

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, Hero 12K Sensor, 12,000 DPI, Lightweight, 6 Programmable Buttons, 250h Battery Life, On-Board Memory,...

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  • The mouse uses LIGHTSPEED technology to overcome any network lags and deliver fast performance.
  • It has a 16K DPI sensor system that is receptive to movements on various surfaces.
  • It has a 32-bit microprocessor.


  • The battery is not replaceable.
  • Some products have an l/r button rub issue.

Logitech, in collaboration with professional esports players, put out the G Pro Wireless gaming mouse, which is as good as it sounds, and as good as it gets. This wireless gaming mouse is designed to power through intense and extreme gaming matches and features the best and advanced technologies to give you a fast, comfortable, and easy gaming experience. The G Pro Wireless Gaming mouse combines efficiency and power, to support gamers across genres achieves victory. It makes use of many advanced technologies and has an ultra-lightweight design so that users don’t waste time, energy, or focus on the mouse.


  • The G Pro gaming mouse is wireless. This gaming mouse breaks down all stereotypes surrounding wireless mice by giving you great connectivity and power through a solid, 1-millisecond report rate connection. In turn, this lets you play efficiently and deliver a pro-grade performance worth bragging about.
  • Logitech has put out countless products. However, G Pro takes the crown with its amazingly accurate, 16,000 DPI sensors that deliver ten times the efficiency and power of all the previous models. This, in combination with its wireless gaming speed, accuracy and responsiveness make up a highly compatible light gaming mouse.
  • Through LIGHTSPEED technology, this gaming mouse overcomes any wireless latency and lag in performance.
  • As mentioned, this gaming mouse has an incredibly light build. It is made up of an innovative endoskeleton design that makes up a thin yet strong outer surface. This body is almost weightless with only 80 grams.
  • Standing at 80 grams of weight, the mouse is easily movable and delivers quick action.
  • The mouse also has an ergonomically ambidextrous design that is supportive of operation through either hand.
  • It has a 50 million click durability and 4 side buttons that are leeway to game shortcuts.

2. Razer Viper Ultralight Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

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  • A 16K DPI optical sensor system aims for precision and accuracy in reactions.
  • The mouse uses light beam based actuation switches rather than mechanical switches.
  • It has a lightweight design that supports heavyweight action.
  • It has a chroma RGB color scheme.


  • The quality of the Razer products isn’t great compared to other manufacturers.
  • The mouse button is squeaky and can get distracting.

The Razer Viper gaming mouse provides both speed and comfort through its lightweight design and wireless dependency. It has 16K DPI functionality and caters to both right and left-handed users through its design. Programmable buttons help you utilize shortcuts and in-game hotkeys and maximize performance efficiency.


  • The Razer Viper has 16,000 DPI optical sensors that stretch past their barriers to give you high precision responses. With the Razor Viper, you don’t need to focus too much on the mouse movements instead of the game. The mouse utilizes its features to help you play like a pro.
  • This gaming mouse is also reputed for its lightweight design that makes the mouse easy to lift and maneuver.
  • The Razer Viper is an optical mouse that uses light beam based actuation switches instead of mechanical switches to give you fast and controlled movements.
  • In the Razer Viper, there are buttons available on both sides for quick access into game features and shortcuts. Besides, the onset of buttons on both sides means that the mouse is meant for an ambidextrous design and enables usage through both left and right-hand users.
  • With the Razor Viper, gaming is fun! This mouse features 16.8 million color combinations through chroma RGB color profiles. The color set up can be customized to your favor.
  • This gaming mouse is more than helpful with 8 customizable and programmable buttons. You can reconfigure and assign macro functions to these buttons as you please through the Razer Synapse 3.
  • The only objective or Razer Viper is to boost and improve your gaming experience and performance. The mouse supports this agenda through its wireless nature. The Razer Speed flex cables enable much lighter and easier movement and prevent additional weight and tangling of wires.

3. CORSAIR Harpoon- RGB Gaming Mouse

Logitech G305 K/DA LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse - Official League of Legends KDA Gaming Gear - HERO 12,000 DPI, 6...

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  • Textured rubber grips let you have a firm hold on the mouse at all times.
  • Six fully functioning buttons are customizable.
  • It is compatible with various hand types and can be operated easily.
  • Onboard memory storage is available.


  • The scroll wheel bends easy and is hard to fix.

The CORSAIR Harpoon RGB Gaming mouse is built to accelerate the rate of your gaming performance using reliable features like the 16K DPI sensors and the programmable keys that can have a large effect on the way you play. This gaming mouse is prized for its durability, which is extended through its 20 million click capacity that gives an ultra-fast response. It also features impressive multicolor backlighting.


  • The CORSAIR Harpoon RGB gaming mouse is built to deliver maximum efficiency and responsiveness through 6000 DPI sensors. These sensors make the mouse sensitive to all movements and translate your actions into the game.
  • The sensory aspect of this mouse is also optical and accurately tracks breaks and continuations in movements.
  • It has a contoured, lightweight design that is built to decipher and support the quickest movements.
  • This gaming mouse has a contoured design that enables you to fit your hand snugly against the mouse. It supports all playing styles well.
  • The CORSAIR Harpoon Gaming mouse is made up of textured rubber side grips. These are also known as claw grips and they enable you to control and have a hold on the mouse from all sides and give you access to all functionary buttons on the mouse.
  • The Harpoon Gaming mouse proudly features six fully programmable buttons. These buttons are securely positioned on the side for easy and fast access. They can be customized and configured as per the user’s personal preferences to enable easier gaming choices.
  • This mouse also comes with the onboard memory storage on which you can save your custom DPI settings on the mouse.
  • The CORSAIR Harpoon is also compatible with gaming systems like the XBOX One on which you can play mouse enabled games.

4. Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • It has a compact, portable, and lightweight design.
  • Battery life goes up to 250 hours.
  • It is a LIGHTSPEED gaming mouse that registers actions in approximately 1 millisecond.


  • Pros:
  • It has a compact, portable, and lightweight design.
  • Battery life goes up to 250 hours.
  • It is a LIGHTSPEED gaming mouse that registers actions in approximately 1 millisecond.
  • Cons:
  • It is not as good as a wired mouse and is unsuitable for serious competitive tournaments.
  • It double clinks on a single touch.

The Logitech G 305 Lightspeed Wireless gaming mouse is designed to prioritize the utmost comfort and star-like performance. It has a high sensitive motor combined with a lightweight design to maximize efficiency. With such functions, you can do more with less and squeeze the best results out of your long hours of gaming. It functions through a wireless USB receiver and also has built-in storage to record and save your mouse settings. Featuring a light design, it weighs only a startling 99 grams!


  • The Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse is a next-gen product that has approximately 12,000 DPI sensors that register and translate all your movements and actions to the PC with high accuracy and power efficiency. These sensors are also optical.
  • This gaming mouse is an advanced LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse that has a response rate of 1 millisecond. Thus, it enables really fast performance through its quick reactiveness.
  • The Logitech G 305 has an ultra-long battery life that extends up to 250 hours. This means that this mouse can take up to 250 hours of Consistent gaming on a single AA battery. You’ll never need to charge your battery before 250 hours.
  • The mouse has a classic shape that gives you just the right amount of space to fit snugly under your palm. A comfortable fit of a gaming mouse is essential so that you are not Constantly distracted by the mouse.
  • The mouse also has a lightweight mechanical design so that you can make quick and easy movements.
  • The mouse has a compact and portable design. Due to its light nature and small design, you can carry it in your laptop bag.

5. Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse

The Cooler Master MM710 weighs only 53 grams. As you can tell, this mouse inculcates ultra-light design and advanced technologies to up your game. It has a honeycomb shell design and durable ultra weave cable. These features are built to support long and hard hours of gaming. Gaming can be stressful enough. However, the Cooler Master MM710 exists to lighten this experience. The Cooler Master MM710 features a fresh housing that is meant for durability and longevity. Despite its heard shelled surface, the build comes in a light, portable design.


  • The lightweight structure of this mouse is especially useful if you’re trying to play for long hours because it helps in reducing wrist fatigue. Due to its light design, you don’t have to press too hard or strain your muscles in a tight and difficult position.
  • This gaming mouse also has an innovative ultra weave cable which reduces cable weight and cable pull and prevents them from intervening in your successful gaming session. The cable pull can be frustrating and pull your game down. However, with the cooler master, you don’t have to fear that problem.
  • The PTFE material gives smooth control in contrast to low friction. This helps the mouse glide smoothly over the surface without any hitches in movement.
  • This gaming mouse has up to 16,000 DPI sensors that can register all movements you make even if you hesitate or stumble. This helps in making more precise and controlled moves in the game.
  • The ambidextrous shape is prized in gaming mice. The Cooler Master doesn’t disappoint. It features a design that is usable by both right and left-hand users. 2 extra buttons are also included in the mouse design for convenience.
  • Both the right and left click buttons can register up to 20 million presses accurately.

6. G-Wolves HT-M 3360 Ultra Lightweight Gaming Mouse


  • It is only 61 grams in weight.
  • Honeycomb shell makes the outer structure resistant to any damage.
  • The mouse is ambidextrous in structure.


  • It does not have an infinite scroll wheel.
  • It has some wobble issues.

The G Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 is a highly useful gaming mouse that makes use of features like programmable macro keys and ambidexterity to expand its features to gamers of all sizes, genres, and playing style. This mouse weighs as light as 61 grams and therefore records quick movements with relative ease.


  • The G Wolves HT M 3360 is made up of a honeycomb shell that is hard on the outside but light in its structure. It is, thus, designed to be efficient in its functioning but easy in maneuvering.
  • At only 61 grams, the G Wolves Hati gaming mouse stands as one of the world’s lightest gaming mouse.
  • This mouse comes with an extra paracord cable that is matte coated to prevent it from incurring any damages. Furthermore, this product also comes with mouse skates for smoother movement.
  • This mouse has 6 additional programmable buttons. The purpose of the buttons is to be configured and assigned functions that a player can access easily to develop in-game strategies.
  • The gaming mouse has an ergonomic and ambidextrous structure that is optimized to be used by both hands equally well. Two extra buttons are places conveniently and at a reachable distance.
  • Extra grips add flavor to the firm and efficient qualities that characterize this mouse.

7. BenQZowie FK2 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse


  • It gives you tactile feedback.
  • The optical sensor is responsive to the slightest movements.
  • It is designed in a way that you won’t feel any cable pull while playing.
  • It is suitable for playing both hands.


  • It becomes unsustainable and starts stuttering after a few months of use.

The BenQZowie FK2 Ambidextrous design is suitable for different playing designs as well as both the right and the left hand. The F2 series comes with three different sized models that aim to improve the power and efficiency behind your gaming. This mouse also has a light build that allows you to execute quick and tactile moves while playing without glitching.


  • The BenQZowie FK2 has a 3310 optical sensor that records and reacts and translates all movements with high accuracy and precision. It breaks off when you stop and continues to record as you move without sending any misinformation to the PC.
  • About 400/800/1600/3200 DPI sensors are recorded. These sensors introduce a unique tracking system by which they remain sensitive to just the right amount of stimuli and movements and react accordingly.
  • The mouse gives you regular and Consistent tactile feedback. This way, you can avoid double switch presses and instead be on the receiving end of efficient functionality and experience sleek design.
  • You can adjust the rate of responsiveness to enable the mouse to react to different sensory values between 125/500/1000 Hz.
  • The gaming mouse has a wired cable design. However, this mouse is structured so that the cable pull isn’t overbearing during gameplay. Once you plug and start playing, you won’t even remember that there was a wire!
  • The FK series also encourages diversity in its products by making the mouse both right as well as left hand-friendly. It includes both claw and palm grips for maximum retention of comfort.

8. Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Optical Gaming Mouse


  • It has 6 controllable buttons.
  • It weighs only 85 grams and is easy to manipulate.
  • It is easy to lift and use.
  • The tracking speed can be increased up to 7M/S.


  • The return policy is applicable only if the company finds a fault with the product.
  • The quality deteriorates.

The DM1 Pro S Optical gaming mouse is the spitting image of precision and control through its reputable features that contribute to making gaming easier for all users. The Pro S version is the sister version of the initial DM1 pro- and comes with even better features and revolutionary technology that are integrated with your gaming system to enable easy operation. It weighs only 85 grams and is a lightweight gaming mouse that can detect the fastest and lightest of movements.


  • The Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Gaming Mouse is one of the lightest gaming mice in the market, weighing only 85 grams. Due to its low weight, this mouse is not only easy to pick up and put down but can also be instrumental for executing movements and knee jerk reactions.
  • The DM1 Pro S has a 3360 optical sensor that is incredible. This sensor not only increases the tracking speed up to 7M/S but also increases the maximum DPI up to 12,000.
  • The 3360 sensor also registers movements across a variety of surfaces without any problems.
  • An increased DPI means increased sensory receptions to all mouse movements, which in turn translate to fast and accurate gameplay.
  • The gaming mouse also has its PCB redesigned with the newest technologies and the lightest components to involve efficiency in gaming.
  • The gaming mouse also has a wheel in between both buttons which enable you to perform scroll functions with relative ease.
  • 6 controllable and programmable buttons also exist in different spaces on the mouse. These buttons can be customized with separate instructions and shortcuts into hotkeys that can be used during gameplay. This way, you can avoid taking the long route of having to click multiple buttons.

9. Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse, 8000 DPI


  • Designed to help fast and efficient gaming.
  • It is one of the best light gaming mice with only 84 grams.
  • It has four programmable buttons.


  • The mouse starts to double click after a while.
  • The hard plastic/rubber design can get uncomfortable upon contact with the skin.

The Corsair KATAR is also known as the gaming mouse in its purest forms, designed to win. Well, it’s all for the right reasons. The Katar is compact and has a lightweight design that prioritizes giving you maximum comfort and sleek feel as you play and make complicated movements for hours. It has four programmable buttons that can execute complicated sequences with a single touch. This mouse supports fast performance and helps you craft a professional gaming style for yourself.


  • The CORSAIR Katar is designed to help you play fast with preconfigured performance and tuning settings that have been customized and suggested by the world’s top players. The Katar Gaming mouse includes these features to lead you right to victory.
  • If you’re looking for the lightest gaming mouse, look no further! The Katar gaming mouse- at just 84 grams becomes one of the best lightweight gaming mice available in the market. It helps you react and move quickly while preventing your wrist from incurring any fatigue.
  • This gaming mouse also comes with an 8,000 DPI Optical sensor that picks up on the lightest and smallest of movements and transfers them into the game accurately.
  • The Zero acceleration feature helps by providing precise tracking when it comes to headshots or champion kills.
  • The KATAR is designed to help both right and left-handed people play efficiently. This mouse has an ambidextrous interface with textured rubber side grips that are comfortable and accessible by both hands.
  • Four programmable buttons surrender all their control to YOU. You can now extensively customize and operate these buttons as per your liking. You can store anything from simple to complicated sequences into these keys.

10. Logic G300 Gaming Mouse


  • It has nine controllable buttons that can be configured.
  • It is a compact and light model.
  • You can save profiles on the mouse to continue on a different server.
  • Optical sensors can track movements on various services.


  • The mouse is not supported by LG G HUM, Logitech’s current driver package. The old driver package has bugs.
  • The left-click button becomes problematic after a while.

The Logic G 300 Gaming mouse is characterized by customizable controls, ultra-fast responsiveness, and high accuracy targeting- all of which contribute to building your gaming rep. Moreover, Logic G 300 is also made up of a light build that makes it quick to respond to various actions and commands.


  • Nine programmable controls make up the core of the Logic G 300 Gaming mouse. These buttons can be programmed to carry out any instructions or sequence of movements that you assign them. The operations can be changed later on as well. These mouse buttons are also easy to reach and hence, you have quick access.
  • The gaming mouse is designed to fit comfortably under your hand with its symmetrical shape. Additionally, the mouse and its controls are packed into a compact mouse that is suitable for people who don’t want a large mouse.
  • Due to its optical sensors, this gaming mouse can track your movements with accuracy and precision while processing them to the PC. Moreover, these sensors can detect movements on a variety of surfaces. So even if you don’t own mouse skates or pads, the sensors are bound to work perfectly.
  • You can also save various profiles into the mouse so that you can play your games on different computers. You can also customize these profiles by giving them light colors.


Gaming mice are and will forever continue to be the fundamental essentials of gaming. Whether you’re a beginner or pro gamer- everything begins with the click of a mouse, after all! Thus, it is important to choose a gaming mouse that suits your gaming needs well. The gaming mice listed above prioritize comfort and high-quality performance above all else. Lightness is also a prized feature of a gaming mouse- integral for making smooth and efficient movements without resulting in fatigue or tension in the wrist. Purchasing the lightest gaming mouse valuable addition for your gaming rig!


1. How is a light-weighted gaming mouse helpful?

There are many light-weighted gaming mice available to help you be quick and efficient in your playing. Refer to the list provided above to find the lightest gaming mouse.

2. Will a gaming mouse make a difference?

Yes, a good gaming mouse will make all the difference to your gaming style. The reason is that gaming mice are specially designed with sensors and grip styles to improve and make gaming easier and fun.

3. Will gaming mouse work on a laptop?

Yes, you can use your gaming mouse on a laptop like any other mouse. Simply connect the gaming mouse to the laptop through the provided cable in case of a wired mouse. In the case of a wireless gaming mouse, you can connect it to the laptop through a Bluetooth connection.

4. Is wired mouse better for gaming?

If you want to avoid wireless latency, lags, slow responses that might occasionally happen while using a wireless mouse, then a wired gaming mouse should be your go-to. However, the errors with a wireless mouse aren’t as common as you think. Thus, both mice are safe choices.

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