Is AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Good for Gaming?


Is AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Good for Gaming?

If you plan to frequently play games on your PC, you will need to have a strong Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for a smooth experience. Lesser capacity graphics cards may slow down the game and lead you to have a sour experience. There has always been a tussle between Nvidia and AMD for the spot of the best GPU. What is AMD Radeon Graphics? Is AMD Radeon R7 graphics good for gaming?

Initially launched in 2016, it is AMD’s integrated graphics solution. A few basic specifications of Radeon R7 graphics are mentioned below. It is built on 28 nm process. DirectX 12.0 is supported; thus, all new games can run on graphics, Radeon R7. The operating frequency of the GPU is 200 MHz. It can be boosted to almost 750 MHz.

There are many versions of GPUs that were released. Let us discuss the performances of some popular R7 GPUs.

R7 250

ASUS AMD Radeon R7 250 1GB DDR5 128-Bit DisplayPort HDMI DVI Graphics Card R7250-1GD5-V2

$199.98 in stock
2 used from $199.98
Last update was on: January 9, 2022 3:46 am

This is one of the cheapest GPUs from AMD. It was tested with a couple of games to check whether AMD Radeon R7 graphics good for gaming. Since this is a bus-powered card, one need not worry about the additional power supply. Even on lesser challenging games, the card exhibited an unsatisfactory frame rate. Thus, it may not be possible to have smooth gaming experience. An explanation for this kind of performance could be its price. One only gets what one pays for!

AMD R7 360

MSI R7 360 2GD5 OC Graphics Card

Last update was on: January 9, 2022 3:46 am

This is for gamers whoa re looking for a graphics card on a budget. It is an affordable graphics card. It is suitable for entry-level games. If you are a fan of 1080p eSports genre games, this is a good option for you. When tested with games such as Roblox and Minecraft, it produced good results. The card was intended for games like these. It can be used as a fallback for future upgrades.

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