Choosing the Right Gaming Monitor in 2020


Choosing the Right Gaming Monitor in 2020

Gamers would prefer to use equipment that is specially designed for gaming. If you are one of the gamers who play extensively, the monitor makes up the heart and soul of your experience. A good monitor is your window to a wonderful gaming experience. One of the most common questions beginners face, is, how to choose a monitor for gaming?

Here, we discuss some factors to look for, while buying a gaming monitor.

Resolution/The size of the monitor

Some people have a misconception that, the larger the screen, the better the experience. This holds good only for television as you will most probably view it from a distance. When it comes to gaming, you are too close to the screen, so size doesn’t matter. Anything screen in the size range 24 inches – 27 inches should be ideal for gaming. Larger screens are usually more expensive. Also, they may not fit easily on your desk. The most common type is a 24-inch screen with a 1080p resolution.

The number and type of ports

If you are planning to use the monitor with multiple systems, make sure that it has a variety of ports for compatibility. Look for VGA, HDMI, Display Port and DVI ports.

The response time

Your aim should be to choose a monitor with the least response time. Lesser the response time, quicker is your monitor. There are gaming monitors with a response time of just 1ms. It is worth investing in such monitors as they certainly enhance your experience.

FreeSync Vs G-Sync

If you wish to use either of these technologies, make sure you have a Display Port in your monitor and GPU and its respective cable. G-Sync and FreeSync are two technologies developed by Nvidia and AMD respectively, as a solution for the screen tearing, which occurs when there is no sync between all the items on the screen. FreeSync (AMD) doesn’t require special hardware to function while G-Sync (Nvidia) does. The choice can be made based on whichever GPU you already have.

Next time the question, ‘how to choose a monitor for gaming’ pops up in your head, make sure to consider these factors before making your decision.

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