The 10 Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs in 2020


10 Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Sitting is as natural to us as breathing or the state of existing. It is the general assumption that you do not have to give something as fickle as sitting much thought. In fact, sitting is commonly tailed with terms like resting, or relaxing- which are exactly what sitting should be. As a gamer, it is of importance that you sit, and you sit well. It is of even more importance that you own a gaming chair that can position and place you aptly for sitting.

If you want to find out if your gaming chair is as goals as you think it is, here’s a fun game:, put a finger up for every word in the following list that reminds you of your gaming chair-

  • Adjustable
  • Keeps your posture upright
  • Despite long hours of gaming, you don’t feel an ounce of muscle pain
  • Comfortable reclining
  • Flexible to your needs.

If you couldn’t recognize any of these characteristics, we’re afraid it’s time for a gaming chair intervention! It is time to stop subjecting yourself to hours over hours of torture on that shaggy, stiff thing that you believe is your gaming chair- because that’s really not it. But that’s okay; it’s probably why you’re reading this in the first place. In this article, we bring you the real deal- because c’estla vie is great and all but it would be better with a good gaming chair.

Most gaming chairs that are bound to leave an impression usually come with something called ergonomics. What is ergonomics, and should you care? Yes, you should. In fact, you should do more than care- because ergonomics is a two way functional relationship. Once you build a life around ergonomics, ergonomics will build a life around you. By using ergonomic equipment, you will be exfoliating all the stress and de-cluttering your life by letting yourself experience the comfort you deserve.

For years, we have been letting things control us, chairs forcing our bodies into uncomfortable and tricky body positions that morph and shape our spines and backs and necks. However, it is time to quit conforming to the norms of material objects, and force them to bend to our will- you know, since they’re inanimate and are less likely to end up with severe back pain ten years down the road. It is precisely for this reason that you need an ergonomic gaming chair.

An ergonomic gaming chair will revolutionize your gaming habits into something better so you can play for longer! When you are actively playing games, you experience large amounts of pressure to win. It is in a similar fashion that your back experiences pressure to twist and turn and bend. For this reason, you need a compatible gaming chair that will suit all your gaming needs so that you can feel relaxed as you play the game.

An ergonomic chair is basically structured and designed to manually help reduce and prevent the stress and tension that occupies your shoulders, neck, and head during an intense gaming session.

On the other hand- a standard chair is probably just going to increase the discomfort in your joints and bones.

Ergonomic chairs support all sitting positions so that you can play with ease. In fact, ergonomic chairs are so known for their comfort and stress free seating that they are used in both gaming rigs as well as offices. This is because active sitting has become a way of work- where people sit hours together working or gaming. The human body deserves to be taken care of in the best ways available to us. Whether you’re an intense gamer or a beginner, a workaholic or a newbie, one should always consider the aspect of good seating processes.
Poor seating practices are not ideal and are bound to hurt your bodily processes in the long run. For instance, common shortcomings of improper sitting include

  • Chronic slouching that can make body pains more extensive. In turn, this can ruin your posture and negatively impact your mind and your mood.
  • It can apply unhealthy amounts of pressure on your spine. This leads to severe pain in the structures of your backbone.
  • If your backbone isn’t being handled well, neither is your blood flow. Lack of good blood flow can ultimately lead to untimely diseases.
  • Moreover, uncomfortable sitting for long hours also weakens your core. Your core supports you in all your daily activities. A weak core would facilitate a weak body.
  • All these lead to lack of a good posture. A bad posture also has an effect on cognitive performance. An uncomfortable body gives way to an uncomfortable mind.
  • It reduces your energy and makes you irritable and unproductive.
  • And this, gamers and workers, is why: Ergonomic gaming chairs.

Ergonomic chairs are an advanced and easy addition to your gaming rig- or your workspace. Ergonomic gaming chairs come with plush padding and amazing ergonomics to support you through all the good and bad days- literally and figuratively. An ergonomic gaming chair can prevent a stressed and slouched back by supporting the spine with a large and spacey backrest. They also provide cozy and adjustable pillows so that every time you lean back, you are greeted with soft cushioning and also held upright by the back rest. Consequently, you can now spend hours on your gaming chair with little to no negative dilemmas or damages.

An ergonomic gaming chair aims to correct your posture, as well as support your weight and lumbar while you sit for hours. Moreover, you can modify your ergonomic chair to your tastes. You can adjust the height, and recline on the tall and snug backrest. You also receive amp neck and back support by positioning your chair somewhere around 90-100o. This will help you maintain a healthy sitting habit. Moreover, while gaming, it is also important that your hips stay relaxed so that they can help you sit up straight. An ergonomic gaming chair further facilitates this by comforting and reducing the pressure on your hips.

Thus, an ergonomic chair helps you balance both the gaming and physical aspects of your life so that you can enjoy both of them without any hassles. You can eliminate all the body pains and other difficulties that come with using a standard chair by replacing it with a resourceful, useful ergonomic gaming chair!


We’ve already established that ergonomic chairs are superior. However, with so many options available in the market, how do you choose one for you, on that is tailored to a perfect T to suit your needs. In fact, what even is it that you need? Refer to the list below to find out what levels up a normal chair to an ideal ergonomic chair.


The material of your chair ultimately decides its durability, flexibility and your comfort. A chair made up of a quality material will make you feel good while sitting, rather than sticky and tight. Make sure to look for an ergonomic chair that is made of reasonably soft and supple material that will not only cushion, but also support you. For instance, leather in an ergonomic chair is a great material to start with!


Durability is, of course, the number one priority when it comes to choosing a gaming chair that lasts. Durability can be a hard bet- especially in the gaming world- because you can spend from a minute to hours gaming continuously together. This means that you’re doing everything from breathing to living in that chair- and you need it to last and support you like the king you are in all your gaming adventures.

Make sure that you don’t consider a chair that might wear away easily- because then you’ll have to purchase a new one all over again! You can’t afford to repeatedly buy a new chair. Look for one that is strong all the way from the base to the headrest.


When you’re looking for a gaming chair online, make sure that you read all the specifications- and by all, we mean: ALL. Why? Because you do not want to buy a chair and end up being a size bigger than it, trying to squish yourself into the limited space, convincing yourself that it was worth the money. Frankly, it was not. So make sure that you pick a size that fits your body type well.

The backrest height will indicate to the position of the neck pillow. If you buy a size bigger or smaller, you’ll end up with cushioning in all the wrong places.
Besides, by choosing a right sized chair, you can ensure that your feet are resting firmly on the ground- and as a consequence, your body weight is being supported evenly all across the ergonomic chair.


Our arms need both freedom and adequate support to move and work freely so that you can be in your most productive states. The same ideology applies to gaming. While gaming, you often need to make split second decisions and take fast action. For that, your arms need to be ready to go. Your ergonomic chair can support your arms by providing you with adjustable arm rests. Through this, you can adjust the height and width of your arm rests and position them as you feel comfortable. The arm rests will absorb the weight of your hands and in turn, reduce the pressure on your back. Appropriate hand and arm support also reduces any wrist and hand tension.


Good padding ensures that your ergonomic chair remains firm and strong despite its soft cushioning. However, padding also varies with price. Expensive gaming chairs usually use a better quality padding and upholstery. If you’re a full time gamer, it is suggested that you invest in good, flexible and durable padding. However, if you only play a few hours every day, a cheap gaming chair should suit your needs fine. As a consequence, price also becomes a huge factor in determining the best ergonomic gaming chair.


The backrest of a gaming chair is perhaps, the most important part of it. An apt backrest helps improve body weight distribution, position, posture and so much more. Backrests are usually padded with foam to cushion and pamper your sensitive back.

The backrest provides plush support to your shoulder area and the rest of your upper body. It allows you to lean on the chair comfortable and the neck pillows curve around you to properly hold up every inch of your upper body.

Moreover, the backrest can also be adjusted as you desire. This adjustability also lets you constantly juggle between positions instantly so that you don’t continuously pressure your back into stiffness. There are many reclining options that you can play with as per the nature of your needs. You can position your gaming chair upright if you want to stay alert while gaming, and recline it further back if you want to relax.

In fact, backrests also come with an automatic adjustability mode where you can simply adjust the backrest by leaning backwards or forwards.

However, there are more specific features that you can test while looking for an ergonomic gaming chair. These are:

  • Seat height adjustment: An ergonomic chair must have a seat height that can be adjusted as per convenience. This means that an ergonomic chair must contain features that can lengthen or shorten the seat to suit the gamers body comfortably. Ideally, the seat height should be adjusted in so that your knees can be placed above your hips while your feet rest comfortably on the floor.
  • Seat slide: Seat slide is also known as the seat pan depth adjustment. This feature lets you adjust or modify the depth of your seat to a quarter inch specification from the edge of the seat to the back of your knees. This way, you can place your legs comfortably and let blood flow circulate well. This helps in the prevention of long term diseases such as deep vein thrombosis which is caused due to unequal blood flow to your legs.
  • Adjustable back angle: The most important part of an ergonomic chair is its back. It is recommended that you consistently keep changing the position or angle of the back as many times as you can in a way. This way, you can avoid sitting in the same position for hours together and instead alternate between various positions as you prevent your spine from stiffening up due to the pressure.
  • Adjustable arm support: Make sure that the ergonomic chair you’re purchasing lets you adjust the height and width of your arm rests as you please. This is because, by an adjustable arm rest, you can place your arms comfortably while gaming. This prevents any arm and wrist tension and also allows you to move faster and easier.
  • Casters: The ergonomic chair as well as your body weight is borne entirely with the help of just one or two casters. Ensure that the chair has quality casters which will last longer and support your body weight better whenever you sit and get up from the chair.
  • Back tilt: There are tension knobs at the back of the chair that will allow you to adjust the pressure that you need to apply to roll back your chair. In turn, this gives you the pressure that you need to move back and forth as you game.
  • Head rest: It is always beneficial to have an adjustable headrest attached to your gaming chair. An adjustable head rest helps reduce any stiffness in your neck as you work. However, a head rest is not always found in all ergonomic chairs.

As you can see, an ergonomic chair is designed to serve your body’s highest needs. They are made strong yet delicate to perfectly compliment the human body as it functions for hours together. Use the factors above on your search for the best ergonomic gaming chair to support you through your gaming journey.


Now you know what to look for in an ergonomic gaming chair, but where? Don’t fret, we have a list from which you can choose the best ergonomic gaming chair right here:

1. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair


  • It has an extendable foot rest that you can use as per your mood.
  • Bonded leather feels plaint and soft under your skin.
  • The arm rests are padded and will protect your arm from injuries.


  • The product only offers a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The chair can get slightly uncomfortable for people above 6 ft.

Gaming can be, for the lack of a word that won’t hurt your savings account, expensive. With the computers and the keyboards and the games and the flashiness, gaming rarely falls short of being costly. However, if you’ve wished to save money while looking for an ergonomic gaming chair, perhaps the RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair is for you. The Respawn 110 comes in red, and delivers both comfort and saves cost- all in one sitting.

The RESPAWN 110 is made of bonded leather to give you the best seating experience, and can tilt back as far as 155o. It also has an infinite angle lock so that you can choose an angle that works best for you. The chair tilt and life levers are usually positioned right beneath the chair for easy access. Furthermore, the armrests are also padded so that your elbow can rest comfortably. You can also use its extended footrest to lie down, put your feet up, and rest easy!

  • This is a race-car style gaming chair that shines through with luxury and comfort seating even in your most stressful moments while gaming. It supports you well so that you can move around freely while actively winning!
  • The chair also comes with segmented padding that will support and cushion your body and maintain it in top condition. Where you play carelessly, the gaming chair adjusts carefully to your needs.
  • The chair also has an extendable foot rest on which you can spread your legs in all your favourite positions! The headrest and the lumbar support are also adjustable to hold up your upper body. The padded arm rests can be delightful to lay your arms on.
  • This ergonomic chair is special because it has the feature of 4D adjustability, wherein one can raise or lower their chair as per the position of their computer. You can also recline back from 90-155 degrees. Moreover, it also has features like tilt tension adjustment and infinite locking positions in which you can settle your chair.
  • You can rotate the chair in a full circle, i.e, a full 360 degrees swivel motion is available.
  • It is completely upholstered in bonded leather. The comfortable material promotes both durability and flexibility. The colours of the chair exist in contrast, but retain a professional look nonetheless, so that you can use your gaming chair in your office too!
  • RESPAWN 110 can hold up to 275 pounds and function just as easily.

2. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair


  • The chair is highly durable, and therefore, a trustworthy choice.
  • The height of the chair is adjustable.
  • You can enable tilt lock and position your chair at a comfortable angle.
  • You can activate rocking motion to relax.


  • The armrests are not height adjustable.
  • The chair can be difficult to build and put together.

The OFM Essentials Collection Racing style caters to the price you pay with insane quality in its product. This particular OFM Racing style gaming chair is a part of the ESS-3085 series that evolves gaming into a mind blowing experience worth sitting down for- in your brand new, leather bound, comfortable OFM Essentials Collection Gaming Chair, of course.
This chair was designed and put together by mixing and matching various ergonomic equipment to give you a flexible and durable product. Segmented padding, high backrest, and the lumber support- are all integrated together to form a comfort who’s main priority is your comfort. Whether you’re following up with an intensive gaming session, or even working, you can lean on the OMF gaming chair.

The chair has optional thick padding instead of thin arm rests to support your precious arms through all the ruthless games you play. It also includes features like tilt lock, and a 360 degree swivel as well. The chair also comes with Essentials by OFM Limited Lifetime warranty and can handle upto 275 lb weight capacity.

  • You can use this computer gaming chair through gameplays and workdays. Its luxurious feel and the security of comfort will support you through every hardship you go through, and cushion your fall.
  • The contoured segmented padding is great to rest your arms on because it works as a wonderful point of pivot for your arms to quickly move whenever necessary. Where a flat, unpadded surface would have felt uncomfortable and dug into your elbow- the padding softly supports your hands. In fact, this padding works in a similar fashion in various parts of the chairs as it is integrated in the headrest as well.
  • This racing chair is attuned to your every need. In fact, the control is completely in your hands. You can manipulate several features of the chair and adjust them. For instance, the height of the chair can be adjusted so you are perfectly facing the computer as you play. You can also flip up the arms if you decide to rest your hands. The chair also swivels an entire 360 degree for more convenient movements.
  • This ergonomic gaming chair is completely leather bound with contrasting coloured upholstery. This means that this gaming chair goes an extra mile to make gaming more flexible and durable. The soft leather feel facilitates sitting comfortably for hours together without any body pains.
  • This chair proves its durability once more by capacitating up to 275 lb weight for long lasting use.

3. Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair


  • It has smooth rolling casters that won’t dent your floors.
  • The seat is the definition of comfort with padding that goes 3 inches deep.


  • The product doesn’t come with instructions on how to build the chair.

The Furmax ergonomic chair is a hit among both gamers and workers alike. It offers unique features like tilt mechanisms and backrest adjustment so that you can have the time of your life without worrying about its consequences. It has smooth rolling casters, and is covered with cozy leather that feels good as home as soon as you take a seat.

  • The Furmax Gaming chair is prized for its high backrest that goes above and beyond (literally) to make your gaming as comfortable as possible. The advantage of a high backrest is that you can lean completely into your chair for hours together without damaging your spine. The high backrest makes sure to hold your back upright in all positions.
  • The plush leather covering and the bucket seats make this leather chair a dream to sit on. The softness of the leather chair aims to compliment perfectly all your hardcore gaming sessions. Gaming often requires immediate reflexes and quick movements. The easy leather covering and the padded armrests are easy to move around and slide your hands over.
  • The Furmax Office and Gaming chair hits a 5 star base with its 360 degree swivel chairs. You can now pivot on point and conveniently reach for things and move around your room without getting up!
  • This gaming chair also was a 3 inch deep padded seat. You’ve never sat on a cloud? No problem, the Furmax Gaming chair, with its padded seat and 2 inch backrest feels way better than a cloud. So get excited to get comfortable.
  • The leather and mesh design structure combine well to create a durable and breathable experience. In fact, the leather covering is supposed to last for a long time so that you never have to worry about a new game chair anything soon in the future.
  • The entire chair is so flexible, that if you tried rocking back and forth on a boring day, you’d have a pleasant experience relaxing in Furmax as it swings back and forth with you. Yes, there is more to this chair than gaming. You can use it to relax, read, and maybe even sleep!
  • You can also adjust the seat height as per your body dimensions for a comfortable hit. The Furmax’s pneumatic seat height adjustment goes from 15.2 inches to 18.3 inches.
  • This gaming chair has casters that roll smoothly and prevent any kinds of marking and scratching.

4. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair


  • You can recline your backrest from 90 to 175 degrees as per your comfort.
  • The chair can support upto 350 lbs.
  • The armrests are scrumptiously padded to cushion your arms well.


  • It lacks a rocking feature.
  • The controls are positioned low and can be hard to reach.

The KILLABEE Massage Gaming chair is loaded with features designed to make your gaming life the simplest and the easiest it has ever been. You will typically find a KILLABEE gaming ergonomic chair in gray and black colors that highlight its professionalism compared to the other gaming chairs. Once you purchase KILLABEE, you are fully equipped to game, not only with your computer, but with the chair’s smooth rolling casters, tilt locking mechanisms, adjustable cushioning and many more delectable gaming hacks.

The KILLABEE Massage gaming chair is designed with an objective of ergonomics. The chair will bend over backwards to perfectly fit your standards, your body shape and support you. The KILLABEE Gaming chair can lift up to 350 lbs- it is a perfect fit for a long lasting, flexible and ergonomic gaming chair.

  • KILLABEE is the most compatible multifunctional gaming chair. If you thought its features stopped at being adjustable? You’re wrong. Adjustable is an old standard for the KILLABEE Gaming Chair. In fact, KILLABEE provides features such as back tilt locking mechanisms, foamed cushioning, smooth casters and many more features to keep you satisfied.
  • KILLABEE strives to deliver comfort and security through its use. The chair’s retractable padded footrest is one of its popular features. The padded foot rest is filled with memory foam that gives it almost a massage like quality as you lean back with your feet supported well. However, if you’re not in the mood to put your feet up, you can instantly retract the footrest.
  • KILLABEE also has really thick armrests which are fully padded to provide ultra comfort to your arms as you rest them.
  • Moreover, a high backseat is featured so that you can align your entire body with the chair while you sit in any position you please. The chair height is also adjustable.
  • You can also adjust your backrest by pulling or pushing a control handle and setting the tilt angle from 90 to 175 degrees so that you can relax at an angle that works best for you.
  • This ergonomic gaming chair also has 5 rolling castors that roll smoothly over the ground owing to their quality nylon base and explosion proof grass. They roll quietly and efficiently and don’t wear off too easily.
  • This gaming chair is special because it comes with a built in USB powered electric massager that immediately turns your gaming chair to your very own masseuse. You can use this after a long day of working or gaming to end your day on a relaxed note.

5. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair


  • It is leather bound.
  • It has flexible armrests and a backrest that you can adjust.
  • The lumbar cushion offers ample support to your neck area and reduces stress.


  • The footrest cannot support the same amount of body weight that is proportionate with the rest of the chair.

The Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair, is so comfortable that once you sit- you won’t want to get up. This ergonomic gaming chair is soft and sweet in just the right places- it brings the virtual feeling of racing into reality. The chair has a shaped backrest and provides great support for lateral sitting and relaxing. The Homall Ergonomic Racing chair works two ways- both as a gaming and an office chair.

However, the backrest’s curved stature and many minor details seem to idealize the feeling of a racing track. This ergonomic chair also has an adjustable seat so that you are in perfect view of your screen at all times- you can’t afford to be distracted or uncomfortable while gaming. There is a headrest on which you can rest your head and neck for maximum relaxation. This chair is leather bound and adjustable to different body weights as well.

  • This gaming chair has a backrest that is adjustable from 90-180o in angle. You can set it at any angle that is comfortable enough for you to game, work, read or even nap! It also has smooth rolling wheels upon which the chair can make a full 360 degrees swivel so that you can move around freely.
  • This gaming chair is also known for its ergonomic design detail, owing to which it has flexible arm rests, backrest, and a headrest. The vertical armrests can be adjusted for your arms to rest at the perfect position in case they need to spring into action out of nowhere. The headrest pillow is removable, while the lumbar cushion offers its services by supporting your waist and neck.
  • The casters of the wheel can be unlocked as you place pressure on the back of the chair to move it around. Otherwise, they remain strictly locked so that your chair doesn’t stray away from its position before the computer and break your focus.
  • The Homall ergonomic chair is made up of high quality pure leather and has a thick padded bucket seat. These materials further the comfort aspect of gaming while letting you simply sink into their softness while you play. They soften the pressure that your back and arms take while playing extensively for hours.
  • This chair constitutes a heavy duty steel frame along with high density foam. These materials tend to last for years and will definitely be in use for a long time. In fact, this chair supports up to 330 lbs in weight and will definitely be useful a long way into the future.

6. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Video Gaming Chair


  • This chair is both your personal loudspeaker as well as massager with its brilliant sound quality and vibrating feature.
  • It can connect to other X Rocker chairs.
  • It is compatible with Xbox and PlayStation.
  • It is wireless and easy to handle.


  • The padding and cushioning is not as comfortable as it could be.

The X Rocker Pro series Gaming chair is, perhaps, one of the most unique chairs to happen to the gaming world. Equipped with features like no other, the gaming chair strives to fulfill all your gaming fantasies. This is a wireless game chair that facilitates interactive audio. The X Rocker gaming chair is one that exclusively engages more than one of your senses.

For instance, when you play music, or a movie or a game, you can practically feel the vibrations of sound against your skin. This way, you get a more intimate experience. With X Rocker Pro, you can enjoy magnified sound quality and 10x intensified experience owing to its two in built speakers and a subwoofer that are positioned right under the headrest.

Besides the awesome sound feature, this chair also performs the basic functions of a gaming chair. It enables you to adjust height, tilt, rest your hands on the strong arm set, and more.

  • The X Rocker pro is made up of complete leather so as to keep you comfortable no matter what you do. In fact, owing to its soft and smooth texture, this chair can even act as your own personal, movable couch as you play video games, watch movies, play music, read, and nap in it.
  • It seems that X Rocker really is an all in one. It instantly transforms to a mini movie theater with booming sound effects through its two forward facing speakers, audio modulation technology, and ported subwoofer. This really allows you to completely immerse yourself and enjoy the surround sound as you play games or watch movies.
  • However, sound isn’t where the X Rocker’s power stops. In fact, this gaming chair also includes additional vibration motors. These motors work with your audio bass to give you a full body musical experience.
  • X Rocker also has a built in radio wireless receiver and a wireless transmitter. These features work with RCA stereo outputs and other sources to give you a radio experience.
  • This gaming chair is compatible with numerous gaming systems like the Xbox, PlayStation and so many more.
  • If you have a friend who also owns an X Rocker, well- you’re in for a ride. The X Rocker has a feature through which you can connect your audio source and allow other X Rocker chairs to join you in a multi-player mode.

7. JUMMICO Gaming Chair Ergonomic


  • The rocking motion is enabled in this chair.
  • The huge and wide backrest is built to support your spine into a healthy posture.
  • The chair can be adjusted in terms of height.


  • The gaming chair is smaller in size than promised.

The JUMMICO Ergonomic Gaming Chair is tailored to suit your body’s every need while you game so that your gaming experience can be the most comfortable one you ever have. It is made to curve and compliment one’s body shape perfectly and use its leather bindings to deliver the comfort you deserve. This makes it perfect for not only gaming, but also working and studying as well.

  • The Jummico gaming chair is completely bound with superior quality smooth leather that covers the entire backrest so that you can lean into this comfortable material and feel entirely relaxed. The gaming chair also comes with a thickly padded cushion that is bouncy and soft to help you course through your games without feeling any pain or pressure.
  • If you’re done gaming, and you want to relax, what better way to do it than right there on your gaming chair? No, we don’t mean game more. In fact, the JUMMICO Ergonomic gaming chair has a knob which enables you to rock back and forth on your chair as you lull yourself to a nap. You don’t have to worry about waking up in a cramp, because the chair’s ergonomically curved back will support your spine well.
  • The JUMMICO Gaming chair wins hearts- or, well, seats, with its large and comfortable ergonomic design. It comprises of a huge and wide backrest as well as a seat cushion to help you stay in a healthy and painless sitting position while you play.
  • This gaming chair can handle upto 300 lbs, which is why it is bound to live for a long time.
  • The gaming chair can be adjusted in terms of height to match that of your gaming system. The adjustable height rangers from 15.7” to 18.2”.
  • You can contact JUMMICO to ask any questions related to the product.

8. Hbada Ergonomic Video Gaming Office Chair


  • It is highly durable.
  • It has anti skid casters that can’t destroy your floor.


  • The lock feature sometimes unlocks itself without warning.

This video gaming chair has the typical features of an ergogenic chair that make it the best fit for gaming. Perfectly adorned with a high backrest, adjustable height, smooth rollers and leather plush seating- this gaming chair is perfectly compatible with your gaming needs. It allows space to move and breathe comfortably even as you play for hours together.

  • This video gaming chair has a high backrest that curves naturally into human body to support it and keep it safe from body pains and back problems. It also uses lumbar support and a headrest to keep your body upright so that you don’t suffer fatigue once you finish gaming.
  • This chair is made up of high quality PU leather to rest against your skin naturally. This leather bound chair also has padded sponge that is of a high density to prevent any pressure from mishandling your body. The chair is water and fade resistant as well.
  • The chair has a complete 360 degree swivel, and can be locked at any angle between 90o-155o to retain maximum comfort.
  • The seat is height adjustable as well as rotatable. The entire chair has a 25 degree rocking function for utmost relaxation. Moreover, the armrest can be adjusted within 7 levels for the best position.
  • The chair has smooth rollers that are anti-skid and floor protecting. These casters can lift up to 400 lbs of body weight and is therefore highly durable.

9. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair


  • The soft padded cushion prevents muscle pressure and stress.
  • You can adjust the back rest and recline on it.
  • In fact, the backrest is also removable.


  • It is not easy to put together.

Multi-functional gamming chairs offer support like no other, owing to their many and different features that strive to meet end to end with you. Similarly, the Polar Aurora Gaming chair is designed to be multi-functional and just about as comfortable as it can get. Polar Aurora spreads its cushions over the full length of your back, shoulders, head and neck so as to support your sitting posture in a healthy manner. The Polar Aurora gaming chairs are designed to align themselves perfectly to your body shape as you settle into its smooth leather fabric.

  • This ergonomic gaming chair is fully equipped with 360 degree casters that can move in multiple directions and take you anywhere you want. This way, you can stick to gaming without putting an effort into getting up in case you need something. Instead, you can simply slide over to where you want on these smooth wheels.
  • Besides being decked in leather, Polar Aurora also comes with a soft padded cushion that decorates the gaming chair. All this cushioning will not only give you comfort, but also help prevent muscle tension and pressure.
  • Banding backwards is often frowned upon because it is supposed to give you back problems. However, we can’t help reclining for a stretch sometimes! Gaming can be stressful! With Polar Aurora, you can recline upon the backrest up to an angle between 90-160 degrees without any hassle. The back rest is designed to hold your body upright despite your position, and keep your posture safe.
  • This gaming chair also allows you to adjust it according to your needs. You can adjust the seat height as well as the back rest the way you see fit.
  • The Polar Aurora Gaming chair is in a league of its own with its ergonomic design. It is made up of highly durable leather that is made to last for year, while being ornamented with a removable backrest as well as lumber support. These features make sure that your body is properly taken care of while you game.

10. Dowinx Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Recliner


  • You can rotate 360 degrees at one spot.
  • The foot rest is retractable.
  • You can connect your chair and any other device with a USB port for a massage!


  • Its parts are delicate and can break easily.
  • There is no heating facility.

Downix has manufactured remarkable gaming chairs over the years. In fact, it is one of the top 3 gaming chair manufacturer. The Downix chairs are usually always evolving and improving. The new Downix Gaming chair brings you a brand new design and in-demand functions that you’ll never get enough of! The Downix Gaming hair is completely docked with features that excel when it comes to your comfort and safety. They aim to aid you with consistently good and stable features to heighten your gaming experience.

  • This gaming chair has a linkage armrest design. A linkage armrest design is one that comes with a USB cable power supply massager. This can be used to connect to a USB port on the computer or any other device with a USB port. Once connected, you can enjoy your massage. This feature is particularly in handy for gamers who play for hours.
  • This gaming chair supports all sorts of functions. These include 360 degree swivel motion, smooth caster wheels that can take you anywhere, 90-180 degree reclining facility to relax whenever you want and much more. Most of these features contribute to a safe gaming experience.
  • You can also adjust your seat height to face the computer perfectly. Moreover, you can choose to rock back and forth on the seat to remove tension from your body. A retractable foot rest lets you rest your legs whenever.
  • Upto 350 lbs of body weight is supported in this chair. Further proof that the chair is body-friendly towards all bodies is that the head pillow and lumbar pillow can manipulate themselves according to all body types.
  • This gaming chair is built mainly to support your spine during long hours of sitting- whether that be work or gaming. These gaming chairs are also perfect for office use.
  • This gaming chair is made up of PU leather and 5 inches of high density foam for 100% comfort. Once you get in, you’ll never want to get out.


Ergonomic gaming chairs don’t just come and go. Rather, they arrive and with them arrives a lifetime worth of comfort and safety. They care for the body you tend to neglect while gaming and make playing even more efficient by giving you just the right amount of space to move around. You can adjust and place an ergonomic gaming chair according to your likeability- that is, perhaps, the most prized feature of gaming chairs. They bend for you; they are flexible to all your wants. You can refer to the list provided above to find the best ergonomic gaming chair.


1. What are ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chairs are those that are easily adjustable and flexible to various needs of its user. You’ll find ergonomic chairs in gaming rigs or office settings, where sitting can be a chore in itself. In such places, ergonomic chairs swoop in to help its users maintain physical stability.

2. Why use ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair not only benefits your body, but also reduces negative impacts. Ergonomic chairs are known for improving posture and blood flow while gaming, while at the same time reducing stress and tension. Ergonomic chairs have many physical benefits.

3. Which ergonomic chair is the best?

To find the best ergonomic gaming chair, refer to the list above.

4. Are gaming chairs ergonomic?

Most gaming chairs are usually ergonomic. Even if a gaming chair is not completely ergonomic, it is bound to contain features which are. So in most cases, gaming chairs are part ergonomic in the least.

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