How To Build Cheap Gaming PC Under $100


Build Your Cheap Gaming PC Under $100

Building your gaming PC from scratch is not as easy as you think. You need to have complete knowledge about the parts you need. Within $400 to $600 you can easily get a decent gaming PC. But if you have a tighter budget, let’s say $100, then you need to stick to second-hand parts available on eBay or Craigslist. A $100 gaming PC cannot give you much, but at the end of the day, it’s still a gaming PC. In this guide, we will help you build a cheap gaming Pc worth just $100. Yes, it is very much possible, only if you know the right sources to get your supply from. Also, you need to know the cheapest computer parts available.

Getting the Parts

The most important thing about building your gaming PC is to get the parts. Since you are on a tight budget, you need to be very particular about what parts you choose. Your aim should be to get the best parts at the least possible price. You need to hunt down sites like Craigslist and eBay to get all the right parts. That being said, let’s check out the parts you need.

1. GPU

The most important part of your gaming computer is the GPU or graphics card. If you know about computers, then you already know how important it is. You can get used or old GPUs on eBay. To build a gaming PC, you at least need a 2GB VRAM. In this case, GT 1030 will work or anything higher than that, if you are getting it at a cheaper price. While searching for the different GPU models, make sure that it has 2GB VRAM. That’s because many of the older ones have only 1GB VRAM or less.

2. PSU

The next important thing you need is the PSU or power supply unit. The good news is that you can find some pretty good PSU units on eBay for just $30. However, you need to pay attention to what model you are buying. Remember that your PSU is what’s going to supply power to your PC. You cannot just pick and install anything you want. In this case, you can consider EVGA. It is not a great option, but it will still do. For a cheap build gaming PC, it can work well with its 600W rating. Also, it should have more headroom. Around $60 to $70 of your total budget will be invested in your GPU and PSU. Now you need to manage the rest of the parts with the money that is left. Well, this is the hard part. But since you are determined to build a gaming PC that cheap, you cannot back-out now.

3. Tower

The next thing you need is the tower where you need to fix all the parts together. It is better to go for a small-sized tower as it will cost less. You can again find this on Craigslist or eBay for less than $5. You can look for used and old models. But make sure that it is not completely worn out. It should at least be in a state to support all your other computer parts.

4. Motherboard

Another important part is your motherboard without which nothing will work. The cheapest motherboard you will get is the LGA1156 socket motherboard. You can find a couple of them being sold on eBay for about $15 or less. Try to look for sellers with who you can negotiate the price.

5. RAM

The next thing you need is RAM. You at least need a total of 2GB RAM to build a gaming PC. The best option you have is the 2x 2GB DDR3 4GB RAM. If you want something cheaper than that, then you can get a 2GB stick of DDR3 which you can get for about $7 or less.

6. Storage

You also need storage for your PC. Now that you are left with very little money, you need to look for the cheapest HDD you can get. If you are unable to find anything that cheap, then you can even make use of an old hard drive from another computer.

7. CPU

Lastly, you cannot forget about the CPU. The best option would be an i5–650, first-generation Core CPU. You can look for it on eBay. It should cost you about $15 to $20. Well, that’s all you need to build your gaming PC. It’s not an easy task to build a gaming PC in such a low budget. But if you can manage to find the parts at the cheapest price possible or even for free, then you can surely manage to build one. However, you should keep much expectation from the PC you make. Don’t expect it to run high-end or any advanced games. It can only handle mild games, that’s all. A $100 gaming PC is suitable for kids. If you want to build it for your kid to just get him/her started, then it’s fine. Or else using such a low-end PC will only ruin your gaming experience. If you are unable to get all the parts within your budget. Then you can look for free parts from your friends and relatives. Ask whether they have any old computer that they are planning to throw away. You can collect the storage, RAM and other important parts from there. This may sound cheap but you have already stooped low enough to build a $100 gaming PC.

To conclude, it is kind of possible to build a $100 gaming PC. For those who believe, it is impossible should try this out to check. The final result will not be an impressive one but at least you will have something to start with. This type of gaming PC is suitable only for kids playing mild or old games from the 90s. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your $100 gaming PC mission now!

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