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Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 Info

Gaming without a well-equipped keyboard is like going into war with an unloaded gun. You’re going to be unprepared, defenseless, and weak. A good gaming keyboard is the ammunition to your weapon- only more keys and less bullets, although both of them will blow up the field should you use it wisely. Today, we discuss and analyse the unsung heroes of the gaming underworld- keyboards, to deduce the best gaming keyboard under 100.

By Keyboards, I do not mean the instrument, because the gaming experience is not black and white. I am also not referring to the ones that come with a PC or laptop set-up, but rather, their highly compatible, advanced counterparts- the gaming keyboards.

For gaming keyboards, it is all in the name- if you can’t tell already, they are used for gaming! With a technological edge that places them over the rest, they ensure you have a smooth gaming session. If you’re on your way to building a gaming rig, this keyboard is a must-have. Owning a gaming keyboard means that you are witness to features like programmable or macro keys and an ergonomic structure that are made to help you win. The keys are designed to be easy on your fingers. This way, you can put in less effort and receive faster action. To determine the best gaming keyboard under 100, it helps to look for these factors when you want to make a purchase.

Most gamers want an uninterrupted game stream. Keyboard jams and glitches are harder and harder to come by when you use a gaming specialized keyboard. Instead, you get smooth and satisfying functions. These keyboards are built to handle a lot of in the moment pressure and force, so go ahead and channel your frustration onto them. These keyboards come with gameplay features and programs that let you unleash the beast inside you.

Normal keyboards and gaming keyboards are built on different foundations. With the latter, gaming is literally a colorful experience. You’ll find RGB lights on your keyboard cheering you on throughout your gaming session. They provide a pleasant stimulus to your whole experience. Despite being different from a PC keyboard, a gaming keyboard is a two-way street! You can use your gaming keyboard as a normal keyboard for work and study related purposes such as typing as well. On your search for the best gaming keyboard under 100, you will find that such is the calibre of a gaming keyboard.

From A to Z, there isn’t a lot you can’t pull off with a gaming keyboard. To help you unlock your maximum potential, it is important that you choose a gaming keyboard tailored perfectly to your needs.

Below is a list of some gaming keyboards that have been highly praised and recommended. We hope you come across one that you think is the best gaming keyboard under 100.

1. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($32.99)


Redragon K552 is a wired keyboard with several functions that help you evolve into a better player every day. With strong and responsive keys, uniform backlighting, and spill resistant technology, this keyboard simply desires to keep gaming chill and enjoyable.

  • Redragon K552 is 60 percent mechanical with custom switches similar to Cherry MX Blue switches. These switches enable swift action and sound a crisp click upon typing.
  • The keys are tested for 50 million keystrokes, and hence have a huge keystroke capacity.
  • The keyboard is illuminated with a uniform red RGB backlight that can be adjustable upto 5 levels.
  • The lettering on the keycap is scratch resistant and will last for a long time. The keyboard itself is splash proof and will bear and spillage or leak.
  • Keys are responsive and offer tactile feedback as you use it. The keyboard is suitable for work and home use.
  • All 87 keys are based on n-key rollover and can withstand simultaneous keystrokes. The anti-ghosting feature ensures that the right keys are registered with the computer.
  • There are 12 multimedia keys available to execute multi-functions.
  • This keyboard is compatible with the following systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support. Computers Brands and Gaming PCs like MSI, Dell, Corsair, Alienware, Razer, Xbox One, Asus are also supported.

2. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard ($49.88)

Are you looking for a quitter, noiseless keyboard that is perfect for your office surroundings? Corsair K55 might just be the right fit for you. Corsair has soundless and responsive keys that make travelling across the keyboard faster and easier for your hand. It also includes 12 multimedia keys and 6 macro keys with which gaming is a cinch. Most interesting, though, is the PGB lighting that this keyboard offers across three zones. If you’re a fan of fancy lighting, you will definitely want to check this out.

  • Corsair takes pride in its lighting effects. This keyboard’s RGB lights shine across three separate zones. Each zone hosts a different colour, altogether creating a quite dynamic picture. You can set up this backlighting however you want by trying out the 10+ different pre-configured RGB combinations that are offered as a part of the keyboard.
  • This keyboard has 6 macro keys. Macro keys can be programmed to carry out any specific task that you assign them. With macro keys, you can create game shortcuts and sequences that reduce effort and speed up the process. These keys will remember combos for you so that you can focus on winning aspects of the game.
  • This keyboard makes use of a membranous interface. As a result, you are to experience quiet keys that are responsive to touch, You can receive tactile feedback as you type on this keyboard.
  • The keyboard harbours multimedia controls. Multimedia controls help avoid the hassle of exiting a game to change basic system controls. Using multimedia keys, you can control the audio or mute it. You can also adjust brightness levels on these keys and much more.
  • Gaming can put a strain on your hand- especially your wrist. That is why this keyboard offers you a wrist rest to reduce any fatigue or pain and keep your gaming hand in the best shape possible for your best gaming results.
  • This keyboard is compatible with the following systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. PC with 2 USB 2.0 ports. As far as gaming PC’s, this keyboard works on Xbox One.

3. Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard ($89.99)

The Razor Huntsman gaming keyboard takes a very modern and brazen approach to gaming. This keyboard uses Optical technology to put out an opto-mechanical switch type under its keys. If you’re looking for unrivalled speed, this keyboard performs exactly that. It also has macro keys that can be customized to make use of its remarkable on-board memory. It is a full-sized keyboard and also comes with Chrome RGB lighting.

  • While mechanical switches are useful, Optical switches are new and can easily take over. Gaming requires that you move your hands at an incomprehensible pace. While playing, you want to pay more attention to the game and less to whether or not you’re clicking your buttons. The Optical switches have a light-based actuation and register key-presses that happen quickly. They also produce a clicky sound to let you know you’re doing a good job.
  • Each key on the keyboard is individually backlit. You can change the colours however you think is best as this keyboard supports 16.8 million colours. You can choose your favourite colours while you play your favourite games for an enlightened experience.
  • Razer Huntsman also gives you the option of programmable macro keys. You can modify these keys to carry out any instruction that you want. Record keymaps and combos for these keys to remember so that you can have an easy way out while playing tough games.Razer Huntsman also boasts durability like no other. This keyboard is built to register up to 100 million clicks. This makes it very efficient and appealing to work with as it ensures a long-lasting product worth the purchase. You also get a 2 year warranty with the product.
  • This keyboard supports and operates on most Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30+ partners.
  • Structurally speaking, the keyboard is made up of firm and reliable material so that you have minimum problems with it while playing. The keyboard sits comfortably and unmoving on any surface. It is made up of an aluminium top frame and covered with a matte.

4. Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard ($64.99)

The Razor Ornata Chroma is part of the Ornata keyboard line. This keyboard in particular combines both membrane and mechanical switch type to you give you the best features of both switches.

Thus, you are forced with efficiency and speed like no other while being on the receiving end of smooth keys with tactile feedback. The Razer Ornata is perfect if you’re a professional gamer or play for long periods of time.

When you have both membrane and mechanical switches together, you are faced with both comfort and accuracy- two prized assets of any gaming machine. The switches Razer Ornata uses are comfortable and soft cushioned, making key presses so much smoother owing to its mechanical switch. Under the keys, you have a membranous rubber dome that ensures speed and reliability.

  • The utilization of both switches means that this device is perfect for both gaming and typing.
  • Razer ornata backlights upto 16.8 million colours. You can choose and modify your keyboard display and play around with these colours to create a perfect gaming atmosphere.
  • Razer Ornata is compatible with many systems including- Razer hardware, Philips Hue, Xbox One and gear from 30+ partners.
  • Toggling between manual functions and gaming is hard, not to mention unnecessary work. This keyboard, fortunately, has macro support to get you through the hassle of performing manual work. Instead, feed some instructions or commands on to your macro key and use the keyboard to create keymaps and combinations that you can use while playing.
  • Razer Ornata prioritizes your health and comfort over everything, which is why this keyboard also offers a removable wrist rest. The rest is made of soft leatherette so that you receive the best support while sacrificing hours to win. Built-in magnets let you align your hand and change positions to your comfort so that you can go on for long periods without much difficulty. In case you don’t prefer a wrist rest, it is also removable.
  • This keyboard can register upto 80 million clicks over time. Thus, it is long-lasting and highly durable in nature, and also has a 2 year warranty in case of emergencies.

5. NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard ($27.99)

The NPET K10 Gaming keyboard has a fantastic feel due its mechanical keys. It is perfect for both speed typing and tough gaming. It delivers a great performance in both office and home scenarios. Due to its mechanical keys, you can use this keyboard for long periods of time without and be rewarded with tactile feedback and satisfying clicks. This keyboard makes use of liquid silicone film that ensures high performance due to its good resilience.

With NPET Gaming Keyboard, feel free to game or type not only during the day, but also in the night. The keyboard offers a total of 7 backlighting modes- 4 LED backlit modes and 3 Permanent mixed backlit modes with a 7 colour alternative. The backlight settings are not only amazing but also adjustable. You can adjust the brightness and the breathing speed according to your preference.

  • The keyboard’s structure makes it highly durable and you can foresee a long future for this product. They keycaps are UV coated to ensure that the lettering does not chip off for a long time. It is anti-sweat. The thick stainless steel underneath the keycaps ensures longevity. The keycaps can thus endure a high level of pressure.
  • This keyboard also has two adjustable feet at the back. You can set your preferred keyboard height using these legs to be as comfortable as possible while gaming.
  • The keyboard is entirely water-proof owing to its triple layer protective design. Spilling any drinks or coffee onto this device won’t do any damage to the product. If the keyboard needs cleaning, the keycaps are removable so that you can clean out any dust or other substances from the keyboard to keep it in its best shape.
  • The keyboard has a total of 104 keys, out of which 26 keys support an anti-ghosting system. Anti-ghosting ensures that there is no conflict within the system while you press multiple keys simultaneously. You are also offered 13 multimedia key combinations that make gaming easier. You don’t need to go back and forth trying to change the settings on your computer when you can do it from the multimedia keys on your keyboard.
  • This keyboard is wired with a USB braided cable. All you need to do is plug it in.
  • The keyboard is compatible with systems like: Windows 95/98/XP/2000/ME/VISTA/7/8/10 and Mac OS.

6. Logitech G213 Gaming keyboard ($39.49)

Logitech G213 is exclusively designed for gamers of all levels. It has keys that operate 4 times faster than a regular keyboard. With this, you can play quickly and efficiently. This keyboard enables you to your best potential. It has a brilliant RGB colour lighting scheme so that G213 can support you all day and night. The keyboard is also multi-function and lets you tap on to other settings right from the keyboard. Additionally, this model is also slim and durable, and hence, both portable and long-lasting.

  • The keys have a reputation for being quick in action and give tactile feedback as you play. An anti-ghosting feature makes sure that all keystrokes in a single press are recorded in a near perfect score.
  • The keyboard is also spill resistant and glitches due to water or any other liquid are not a cause for concern.
  • The keyboard has a wide color spectrum. It lets you illuminate 5 lighting zones with any colour. You can pick from 16.8 million colors to create a gaming atmosphere that keeps you motivated and cool.
  • The keyboard has 12 multimedia controls. You can control the whole interface with just your keyboard. With multimedia controls, you can play for hours with no problems. Control game audio and brightness with the press of a single key.
  • You also get an additional 12 function keys. Much like macro-keys, you can insert customized commands into these keys for easy access to functions during intense gaming.
  • Combining this keyboard with the Logitech Gaming Software gives you more benefits to look forward to.

7. SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard ($49.99)

Level up with the SteelSeries Apex 3 Gaming keyboard! This keyboard is highly user friendly and gaming-oriented. Features like quiet gaming switches and anti-ghosting help you focus solely on gaming your best while the keyboard takes care of the rest. The backlighting feature is characteristic of an all-day all-night gaming schedule preferred by people who game professionally.

  • If you’re committed to gaming to the point where you take meals and sleep right in your chair, spills and leaks are unavoidable. However, with Apex 3’s water resistant spell, you don’t need to fear any damage being done to the keyboard.
  • We all love a good light show. The keyboard’s 10 zone RGB Illumination brings that right to your gaming rig. You can set your own colour scheme across 10 zones to compliment your gaming gear the way you like it.
  • This gaming keyboard can record up to 20 million soft keystrokes in its lifespan. Moreover, the key switches are quiet and soft so as to facilitate noiseless gaming sessions.
  • Gaming can be tiring- and also painful. However, Apex 3 comes with a Wrist rest to support your aching wrist and palm so that you can comfortable position your hand while playing, and not suffer from any after-effects.
  • Apex 3 also displays a set of multimedia keys for easy controls. You can change settings like audio or video without pausing your game.

8. Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard ($44.00)

The RazerCynose Chroma is a best-selling membrane keyboard in the US. It is a non-mechanical keyboard, but its membranous interface provides for all gamer needs. It has essentials like backlighting and programmable keys to help you have the smoothest gaming experiences and perform well.

  • Gaming often requires a combination of various keys to execute a function. Features like n-key rollover and anti-ghosting allow several simultaneous keystrokes to be registered and accounted for at the same time without any hassles.
  • RazerCynosa can be run on many gaming gears, ranging from Razor Hardware, Philips Hue to other gears from more than 30 partners.
  • This keyboard supports gorgeous visuals and colours through its backlighting feature. You can choose from about 16.8 million colours to illuminate your gaming rig to look much more enticing and exciting.
  • You need not worry about any liquid spills and splashes when Cynosa has a water-resistant structure designed for this very purpose. Liquid spills on the keyboard are controlled so that no internal part is damaged.
  • Macro keys are hugely beneficial to execute and perform actions on to go while you’re too busy gaming. To make gaming easier, the keyboard features fully programmable macro keys as well.
  • Click away as much as you want, because the keyboard can withstand about 80 million keystrokes before and keep composure.

9. PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard ($26.99)

The PICTEK RGB Gaming keyboard is custom designed so that you can game with the best features available. The keyboard is structured so as to serve for a long time. Laser carved characters ensure that the characters on your keycaps stay intact for a long time coming. With its ergonomic structure and backlighting, the keyboard really sets the mood for an intense gaming session.

  • The ergonomic design makes the keyboard really comfortable to use. The keyboard also accompanies a wrist rest so as to prevent strain and fatigue.
  • As mentioned, the characters on the keys are laser carved. This means that the characters will not fade easily despite heavy usage.
  • The keyboard provides 12 multimedia keys. With the shortcut keys, you can multi-task even during the process of playing the game. You can easily and quickly change volume, search, email etc. This is highly convenient.
  • Backlighting is an important part of a gaming keyboard. Appearance stimulates excitement, after all. The keyboard lets you choose between 7 RGB lighting modes. You can also adjust the brightness among 4 levels.
  • The keyboard is water resistant; you don’t have to worry about any damage. Moreover, the keycaps can be removed for regular cleaning and dusting. 9 drain holes at the back of the keyboard can drain out small amounts of water.
  • PICTEK is a wired keyboard- this means that you can depend on a firm connection between the keyboard and computer as soon as you plug it in.

10. Redragon K556 RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($62.99)

This keyboard is a perfect fit for office as well as gaming use. The keyboard offers good tactile feedback and is softer in sound. The keyboard uses brown mechanical switches to deliver high quality key typing. The keyboard also comes with 8 spare switches.

  • It’s RGB lighting scheme is one worth buying. You get to switch between 6 themed backlights and 18 lighting models. Brightness levels can be adjusted to adapt to your surroundings. There are also 9 single color backlight modes. All the backlighting can give you the aura and confidence of a pro-gamer while you play.
  • The keyboard is black in colour and made up of full metal material. Its matte finish texture solidifies the keycaps and keys and protects them from scratches and other damages. It is highly durable. Its n-key rollover lets you press multiple keys simultaneously to carry out various actions at a time.
  • The keycaps are also removable so that you can clean out your keyboard regularly to keep it smooth and efficient.
  • The Redragon K556 is special in a way that it has a custom designed keycap. The keycap has been reduced in length and made shorter so that the time between a keypress and its consequent action is reduced.
  • The keyboard is flexible and compatible with computer systems including Mac OS X, Windows10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows VISTA, etc.

Gaming keyboards: What to look for?

These factors will guide you on buying the best gaming keyboard under 100 available in the market.

Key Type:

How you operate your keyboard is determined heavily by the key type. There are various key types out there that are modelled to serve different purposes, i.e, different key types have differing bounce-back, are made of differing materials, etc. You can select your keys as per your preference. Do you absolutely need a firm and satisfying “click”, or can you do without? Do you care about how much push you need to exert for a keystroke to register? Key types determine all these features. So, make sure you choose a key type that meets your standards so that you can handle and execute game functions and programs with ease.

There are two main key switches that cater mainly to your needs: Membrane and Mechanical Key switches.


Membrane switches are known for being low-key and almost soundless. They are built using slim keycaps and provoke almost no response noise. With Membrane switches, running your hands from one key to the next is effortless. However, note that they are pressure-sensitive and require that you exert a good amount of force for the keystroke to register. The reason behind this is that all the keys are connected to a single interface, and a full depression level makes it simpler for the interface to recognize the key tap/


If you want a strong keyboard game, mechanical switches are the belles of the ball. You might have heard one too many youtubers or bloggers talking about how mechanical switches are ideal to make an impression as a winning player. Well, no myths to bust here! Mechanical switches do have a reputation for their services to players. When you play, whims and on-spot turnabouts are unavoidable. However, with a firm and responsive bounce-back, you know exactly what clicks are actually clicking and which ones turn faux. Thus, you can refrain from worrying and focus on playing. Under the hearty mechanical spring, each key has its own switch unlike the membrane keys. This means that your response is usually faster and smoother. Mechanical keys work brilliantly in both a gaming rig and an office, which explains why they are favoured so much.


Your keyboard layout can dictate how well and fast you play a game. Gaming is a quick, high-focus cantered sport. If you don’t have the features required to back you up, it can really mess up your gaming cycle. To help you reach a zone of unhinged focus, you should take into consideration your keyboard set-up’s layout. Gaming keyboards come with 88 or 101 keys. Most gaming keyboards will have a number pad or media keys (also called macro keys) to accessorize and simplify your gaming process. However, whether or not you actually want them there is your decision. You could buy a gaming keyboard full with a number pad and multimedia keys only to find that they 1- have no use, and 2- delay the time you take to move from your keyboard to your mouse when you need it, due to the extra space they consume.

The gaming market makes it possible for you to go without them rather than surrendering to them, i.e, there are keyboard models that come without said features. Remember, comfort is your main priority, so don’t give that up!


Colours in a gaming keyboard mean more than just colours.

If you choose a mechanical switch type, you will come across a number of sub-categories that will aid you on your search. Mechanical switches are divided based on colour. You may have come across terms like “Cherry MX” followed by a colour. Cherry MX is a popular switch manufacturer. The colour indicates the different characteristics that make it helpful on a keyboard. They are divided based on weight activation, depression level, and the pressure they require to be registered by the keyboard. You can choose a switch type based on your preference.


Many no-name companies will produce gaming keyboards at really low prices starting from $10 itself. However, companies like Logitech or Razor will sell you a high quality, branded, super-efficient keyboard for a much more reasonable price starting from $40-$50. This is a great deal because these keyboards are usually durable and deliver excellent performance for a good enough price. However, if you’re a man/woman of status and luxury, you can find keyboards as expensive as $200 in the market.

Keyboard Connection:

Gaming keyboards require a strong and reliable connection with the computer so that the player can play continuously without any glitches. Gaming keyboards come in wired and wireless forms. Before you choose your keyboard, make sure that your PC will be compatible with the keyboard. Some wired keyboards can be connected through a simple USB while some cannot. Wireless keyboards usually run on Bluetooth, but the connection is viable to fluctuation.

Extra features:

Gaming keyboards can often come with extra features that make gaming life simpler. Make sure to look out for these features for an edge-

Wrist rests that are supplied to prevent wrist fatigue and cramps.

Backlighting illumination to light up your keyboard during the night or whenever you need it.

Customizable keys to take the easy way out. With customizable keys, you can now press one instead of four and get the same amount of work done.

A smart keyboard to run other computer programs. Some keyboards also come with an LED screen at the bottom of the keyboard. You can use this LED as your PC screen while playing your game on the actual one. You can surf through the web, open YouTube, play music, and so on simultaneously.

These extra features will help indefinitely. So look for them while you read on to find the best gaming keyboard under 100.

Programmable keys:

Programmable keys are treasured features in a gaming keyboard. Programmable keys also go my macro keys or function keys or short cut keys. These keys are reputed for making gaming tons easier. You can store a set of instructions or commands into a macro key for it to execute. Next time you need to perform that particular function, instead of hitting multiple, all you need to do is press one macro key. You can insert game short cuts and combos into this key. Programmable keys are highly useful.


1. Can you use a gaming keyboard for work?

Yes, gaming keyboards can be used at work as well. Gaming keyboards provide a great basis for not only gaming but also typing. They are efficient and may work even better than a regular keyboard.

2. Are gaming keyboards worth it?

Absolutely! Gaming keyboards will give you the edge you need to excel at gaming. Gaming keyboards come with features like macro keys and RGB backlighting that cannot be found otherwise. These features really help build up the spike of gaming and make the entire process easier for you.

3. Which gaming keyboard is the best?

Corsair and Razer manufacture some of the best gaming keyboards in the industry. They sell at reasonable prices and let you reap the advantages. However, you can also refer to the list above, where we have gathered the best gaming keyboards under $100 for you to choose from.


At the end of the day, most gaming keyboards will give you the best service possible so that you can game in the peace of your home without any glitches. They are designed to be convenient. Players of all levels need a good gaming keyboard to get them going and keep their head in the game. The above mentioned products are the better among many others and might help you find the best gaming keyboard under 100. You might probably meet your match in one of them.

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