The 10 Best Gaming Headset Under $50 For PC, XBOX and PS4 in 2020


10 Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Available In The Market

As we all know, a gaming headset will not only improve your experience of gaming but it will also help you to become one of those best gamers that you have always dreamt of. Apart from competitive gaming, a good quality headset is indeed required for increasing your responsive power exponentially. This is very important in order to survive in a gaming environment. You need to look for the best gaming headset under 50 for serving your gaming needs perfectly. A good headset will not only make gaming an enjoyable one but will also let you focus more clearly on the game than before.

As we all know, every headset comes in a particular design and shape, therefore, it is very important to invest your money on the best one. Also, going for the best one doesn’t imply that you have to buy the most expensive gaming headset that is not even in your budget. In order to make you well-equip of all the features that your gaming headset must incorporate, we have enlisted down some of the best gaming headset under 50. The list has been curated by undergoing rigorous research and based on customer reviews and ratings, we assure you that these products will surely take your gaming experience to a whole new another level.

Factors To Consider Before Making A Purchase:

If you are wondering that only audiophiles are after high-end quality headsets, then you may be wrong. Quality headsets are a rage among gamers. As we all know, the gaming industry has advanced a lot. Therefore, people looking for some quality gaming headsets isn’t surprising. People want to invest in these good-quality headsets so that their gaming experience can be taken to another level. Not only mouse and keyboards are required for playing, but one must own a really good quality headset in order to make their every moment of playing an enjoyable one.

The headset must not only be able to produce the outstanding quality of sounds but it must also be able to provide the much-needed comfort and facilities via which one can enjoy playing. But, these are not only the determining factors. In order to know more about as to how you can evaluate his chosen variant of the headset, we recommend you to refer to the following points.


This is undoubtedly one of the most important features that you must evaluate. It helps to determine whether your chosen variant fits comfortably on your head or not. It also ensures whether you can be able to wear the gaming headset for hours and that too playing for hours. Therefore, before you go hunting for your desired gaming headset, you must consider your size. For this, you may even take measurements of your head. Note that down on a piece of paper. Then, you can take it along with you whenever you go shopping or browsing the net for a perfect pair.

Not only your head size, but you must also consider your hairstyle. The hairstyles that you do regularly must be considered for practical reasons. Also, it must be noted that the larger gaming headsets tend to be much bulkier. They are even hard to store. Also, this feature is important to look for as it will help you to position your microphone properly depending upon your use and in relation to your mouth.


Not only size, but one must also consider the weight of the gaming headset. It is very obvious that no one will prefer to wear heavy gaming headsets on their heads. Also, it can be very painful and result in headaches. Also, wearing it for hours while playing can make you feel dizzy. Therefore, always consider the weight of your chosen variant of the headset. Also, many people may wonder that if one is considering the size, then the issue of its weight also gets resolved. But, on practical terms, this isn’t the case.
This is mainly because of headsets available in the market widely from each other in terms of construction and design. One may also note that it isn’t necessary that the materials used are the same. One headset may have used lightweight materials for its manufacture whether the other one can be made from bulky materials. Therefore, gamers who are hunting for a good quality gaming headset, then whichever headset you have decided to buy, always consider the weight of the materials that have been used for its construction.

Extension Cord

This factor must be considered especially when you want to increase your range of using your gaming headset. It will also help you sit far from the screen in order to avoid any kind of eye fatigue. Just think, that you are done with your homework and you want to play a nice game on your PC, but that is kept too far from your reach. Therefore, you want to grab your headset and play without moving the furniture much. In this case, you will obviously be requiring a headset that is capable of giving you the desired reach. In such cases, headsets with long extension cords come really handy. You may even play your favourite genre game in a more comfortable position that can be a cosy couch or on a cushioned bed. It provides you the ease to change your position whenever you desire.

Not only this, but it will also provide you with a good range of movement. Just think if the cable had been short, then you would have to sit at a particular place for hours. This can be pretty boring as well as can cause you several body aches. Also, it will diminish your radius of movement around the gaming console as well as cause discomfort to your muscles. Therefore, we recommend you to either go for wireless variants of gaming headsets or choose something that has got pretty long cables attached to it.


Another thing that one must consider in his gaming headset is its platform. Your chosen variant should be at least compatible with your gaming consoles. While you may find thousands of gaming headsets being extremely versatile in design and they will even seem to incorporate every best technology of the century, but there are chances that such headsets are not compatible with your gaming laptop, PC, mobile etc. If such things happen, however good your headset is is, it is absolutely of no use. If you can use it, play with it then what’s the point of investing your hard-earned money on it.

You will only be keeping it for a show on your shelf. Therefore, before shopping for your gaming headset, you must note that it does come with the ports that your gaming console has. Always, try to make your playing experience a hassle-free one by going for headsets that can be connected to the screen without the need for extra cords and adapters.

Different types of headsets:

We may think that most of the gaming headsets are straightforward and simple, but practically the design, connectivity and comfort make them different from the others. You can even say that due to these little features, only some gaming headsets are able to make it to our list of best gaming headset under 50.
Therefore, you must know about the different varieties of gaming headsets that are available in the market. This is indeed important as it will help you know your preference and will even lend you some good decisive power before you finally purchase your gaming headset.

On-ear headphones

These headphones have been designed in such a way that you will find them resting on top of your ear canals. This positioning is indeed comfortable and better than in-ear versions. This type of design makes sure that the audio drivers of the headset are always placed on the ear. This is intentionally done in order to deliver the maximum output to the ears. The overall design can be understood by considering it as a compromise between what one gets in an over-ear and an in-ear designed headphone. The design has been thoughtfully curated by considering both its practicality and shape. These types of design usually tend to be smaller than the over-ear versions but a lot comfortable than the in-ear ones.

In-ear headphones

This kind of design is not adopted in the modern versions of gaming headset. Nowadays, the headphones come with over-ear or on-ear designs. Such designs assure to improve the quality of sounds to a great extent. The in-ear versions of headphones are pretty small and quite lightweight. These features allow them to perform perfectly within the standards.

Over-ear Headphones

These headphones have been designed in such a way so that they can fit over your ears perfectly. This is one of the finest methods to ensure fine delivery of high-quality sounds. Also, such designs are considered to be the best models especially when it comes to delivering the best quality of sounds. This is because such designs tend to incorporate more number of drivers on them. Also, they tend to improve the quality of sounds. This kind of design can be a bit heavy and bulkier than the other versions. In short, this type of design comes pre-equipped with large ear cups covered with leatherette, velour or foam for providing comfort.

Wireless Headphones

These types of headphones are gaining popularity rapidly. These wireless, Bluetooth versions of headphones are curated to function well even with the tablets and smartphones. Though, the quality of sounds produced by these headsets is not at par with the over-ear or on-ear ones, still they function quite good if they happened to be from a reputable brand. Such versions do not come with extra wires and provide ease in movement. They are also portable when compared to the traditional variants. In other words, the wireless design of headphones tends to be a lot practical as well as convenient to use.

Therefore, considering these features, we have mentioned down some of the best gaming headset under 50. We recommend you to go through each product and according to your preferred pick, the one that you think will suit your every requirement.

1) Modohe NUBWO Gaming Headset


modohe modohe nubwo gaming headset.jpgnubwo gaming headset review


  • It is certainly one of the best gaming headset under 50.
  • It cancels noise quite effectively.
  • They are extremely lightweight.
  • The Mic is pretty good.
  • It does not emit any kind of annoying light.


  • Sometimes, the quality of the sounds produced is not that good.

This Modohe NUBWO gaming headset is mainly known for its powerful and high performance. The product is inbuilt with high power variants of neodymium magnets which are quite helpful for delivering exceptional quality of sound. Not only its sound quality, but the bass offered is also quite awesome. The product comes with a rotatable mic. The Mic has been designed in such a way that it can cancel out every noise with 100% efficiency. Nothing needs to be done manually. Every unwanted background noise gets blocked out automatically. This provides a noiseless channel to the user’s voice.

This premium quality headset has been built from high-quality materials. It also comes pre-equipped with comfortable leather ear pads. The headband of the headset can also be adjusted according to your needs. This is indeed an important feature for gamers who spend hours playing. Also, it’s on cable mute switch as well as the volume wheel is quite easy to use and operate. Being extremely stylish, durable and lightweight, this particular variant of gaming headset can be used for any PC, laptops, PS4 Xbox One etc. This is well-facilitated via its powerful 3.5mm connectivity.


  • It comes with a great level of comfort.
  • One can easily do crystal clear chat via this device.
  • It has been designed especially for gamers.
  • It comes in a smooth matte black finish.
  • The padding around its ears is quite comfortable.
  • The Mic catches up sounds easily.
  • It also comes with a nylon braided fabric cable.

2) BlueFire Gaming Headset


bluefire gaming headset review


  • Its Mic is pretty good.
  • There isn’t any kind of static or feedback.
  • The product is indeed very durable.
  • Its vibrant green colour is quite attractive.


  • Sometimes, its difficult to move the Mic closer to the mouth.
  • The set is not compatible with a smartphone.

This product is mostly known for its superior quality and versatility. This premium quality device has been designed especially for PS4 gamers. Not only this, one can even use it with their PSPs, tablets, laptops, smartphones etc. This is mainly due to its awesome compatibility. It features a brilliant high-end magnetic driver.

This variant of best gaming headset under 50 promises to offer superior quality of sound. This is sufficient enough to make your gaming experience an extraordinary one. Being comfortable to wear and lightweight, the soft paddings on its ear cup and headband allows one to put it on for several hours. Unlike the other variants of headsets, this product also comes with a 7-foot long cable.

This provides ease of movement. Its volume control feature is pretty amazing and its user-friendly small mic controller works perfectly to switch on and off the Mic whenever you wish.


  • It is widely compatible with other devices.
  • It is indeed a versatile headset.
  • It comes inbuilt with a high precision magnetic driver.
  • It is quite lightweight.
  • It is also comfortable to wear.
  • It comes with a long soft braided cord.
  • It allows volume control.
  • It also comprises of a smooth Mic.

3) Raikken Stereo Gaming Headset

Raikken Stereo Gaming Headset review


  • It is an extreme variant of best gaming headset under 50.
  • Its cable and headband are quite flexible to bend easily.
  • The padding around the ears is quite substantial.
  • The headset is extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Its USB powers the light quite efficiently.


  • The headset is quite bulky.

This gaming headset is perfect for those who usually remain busy with a lot of gaming consoles including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, etc. The Raikken Stereo Gaming Headset’s powerful 40mm speakers are efficient enough to provide a rich bass. It also produces clear trebles. The microphone of this gadget is Omni-directional. The microphone is powerful enough to deliver natural and clear voice even if you are amidst a fierce battle surrounded with loud explosives.

It includes a 3.5 mm jack for ensuring connectivity. This makes it easy to be used with laptops as well as PCs. Its construction is quite simple and uses premium quality materials for its manufacturing. The soft ear cups have been specially carved out from high-quality leather which makes it easier to accentuate the quality of sounds whenever needed. The product excels in both quality and functionality thereby, wearing it for hours during playing is never an issue.


  • It comes with extremely powerful variants of 40 mm speakers.
  • It also comes with an Omni-directional, battle-tested Mic.
  • It comprises of premium quality soft leatherette ear cups.
  • This headset can be used with any gaming device.
  • It also comes with a 3.5mm jack.
  • It does not any kind of fuss.
  • It comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee.
  • It also has a warranty for one year.

4) Beyerdynamic MMX Gaming Headset with Microphone

beyerdynamic mmx 300 v2 review


  • It delivers great sounds.
  • The quality of the microphone is top-notch.
  • It also comes with an amazing sound card.


  • The ear cups of this gaming headset are quite small.
  • Its plastic top simply squeezes in the head which causes discomfort and pain.

This variant of best gaming headset under 50 is perfect for all gaming consoles and applications. The Beyerdynamic Gaming Multimedia headset has been uniquely crafted for delivering superior and immersive quality of sounds. This is something which can’t be obtained from other headsets. The product has been designed to provide clear quality of audio. It also facilitates perfect voice transmission.

The heavy-duty mic is perfect enough to cancel every kind of noise prevailing around you. All kinds of unwanted background noises get blocked out efficiently. Being extremely comfortable to wear and light in weight, this gaming headset has been built with the most durable materials. This allows one to play his favourite game for hours without the problem of getting uncomfortable. This particular variant of the headset suits every electronic device. Its 3.5mm jack is pretty useful for enabling great connectivity. Therefore, whether you want to connect this headset to your laptop, PC or mobile phone, it can be done within seconds.


  • This gaming headset can be used for several multimedia devices.
  • It has been especially optimised for playing games in your PC.
  • Its microphone captures noise quite efficiently.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty on its parts.

5) HyperX Gaming Headset

hyperx cloudx stinger core gaming headset


  • The sounds can be tuned quite well.
  • Its build quality is absolutely awesome.
  • It has a lightweight frame.
  • The memory foam on the ear cups provides extraordinary comfort.


  • There is no built-in mic monitoring available.
  • The headset is not that durable as expected.

Undoubtedly, this gaming headset by the brand HyperX will give you the best gaming experience. Being lightweight, durable and stylish, the product has been crafted with some of the best features. The ear cups can be rotated by 90 degrees which is great for adjusting. Its signature quality of memory foam provides the much-desired comfort. The headset comprises of 50mm heavy duty sound drivers for delivering crystal clear quality of audio. The clarity of the sounds is great and unmatchable.

The product also comes with a steel slider which simplifies its use. The volume levels can be controlled and adjuster quite well. These controls are mainly available on the ear cups. The microphone of this product is efficient enough to produce clear and loud sounds effortlessly. It has been specially designed for blocking out unwanted background noises. Being extremely comfortable and versatile, this gaming headset can be put to use on different gaming consoles and gaming platforms.


  • This headset has been made lightweight.
  • It comes with an amazing 90 degree rotating ear cups.
  • It comprises of 50 millimeter directional drivers for enabling audio precision
  • It comes with an amazing quality of memory foam.
  • Its steel slider can be adjusted according to one’s needs.
  • It comes with intuitive volume controls on the ear cups of the headset.
  • Its microphone can easily cancel away any kind of sound.
  • It offers multi-platform compatibility.
  • It also comes with a user manual for encouraging proper use.

6) DLAND Gaming Headset, 3.5mm

dland gaming headset review


  • Its cord is braided.
  • It has excellent volume controls.
  • Its mic operates totally fine.
  • It can be availed at an affordable price.
  • It provides much-needed comfort.
  • It fits every head size perfectly.


  • The appearance of this headset is not so appealing.
  • The product is a bit fragile as well as frail.
  • Playing games while wearing glasses can be quite uncomfortable.
  • The mic cannot be bended.

This product by the brand DLAND features a 3 pin along with a 3.5mm dual jack. This makes it absolutely compatible with several other gaming devices such as tablets, PCs, laptops etc. This gaming headset can even be used with your mobile phones. It has been designed perfectly for providing the best gaming experience. It comes well-equipped with a 3.8mm Litz wire. This makes it quite strong as well as resistance to any kind of damage. Its microphone has been made Omni-directional. Also, it comes equipped with a heavy-duty condenser. This makes it easy to capture sounds accurately and with 100% efficiency. Undoubtedly, the product has been manufactured from the best quality materials. Its soft leatherette PU cushions features memory foam. This gives the much-desired comfort while playing.


  • It comprises of 3 pin 3.5mm double variant of a plug.
  • It can be used in both desktop and laptop.
  • It comes with an additional two in one 3.5mm jack for ensuring connectivity with mobile phone and notebook.
  • It also comes with a 3.8mm overstriking and strong Litz wire.
  • It is highly sensitive.
  • It comes with an omni directional condenser microphone.
  • It comes in a driven-by-wire design.
  • Its PU leather cushion comes with a premium quality memory foam ear cups.
  • It can definitely be in your list of best gaming headset under 50.

7) NUBWO Wired Gaming Headset

n2 gaming headset


  • It involves superior construction.
  • It is quite lightweight.
  • The quality of the sounds produced is truly exceptional.
  • They provide perfect spatial acuity.
  • It is not susceptible to bending damage.


  • It noise-cancellation features can be better.

This premium quality gaming headset by the brand NUBWO is the perfect product to rank itself in the best gaming headset under 50. It features amazing noise-cancelling technology. The quality of the sounds produced is crystal clear. It also comprises of a heavy-duty microphone. Its microphone can easily pick up the loud voices of the users as well as eliminate all sorts of background noises. The gadget features high-quality 50mm speakers. These are enough to produce a rich bass enriched with crystal clear, crisp distortion-free quality of audio.

Its headband can even be suspended in 180 degrees. This helps the product to adjust to any head size without any kind of issue. The product is also known to provide extreme levels of comfort even if you play your favourite genre games 24 hours a day. It comes with amazing quality soft memory foam surrounding the ear cups along with a mic cover. Also, the volume controls are easy to operate and tune the sounds to your hearing level.


  • It provides a wide range of compatibility.
  • It is known for its concept of advance design.
  • It provides an ultimate level of comfort.
  • The quality of its microphone is quite high.
  • It produces stereo surrounded sounds.

8) Razer Electra Gaming Headset

razer electra v2 analog gaming and music headset


  • It provides an awesome noise cancellation.
  • It produces a well-controlled bass.
  • Its sound software is helpful to calibrate the audio.
  • The quality of its mic is superb.
  • Its robust frame ensures durability and reliability.


  • It causes annoying high-pitched hum sounds in the head.
  • Sometimes, it gets very difficult to position the mic in a comfortable position.
  • The ear cups are quite uncomfortable.
  • It comes with a non-braided cable.
  • Its sound quality is pretty average.

This gaming headset by the brand Razer Electra is sure to surprise you with its amazing gaming experience. This premium grade device has been designed especially for withstanding the roughest gaming sessions. The experience one can get by this product is totally overwhelming. The headset comes with 40mm custom-made tuned drivers. This ensures that whenever you turn this headset on, you are bound to get high-end quality of audio from it.

The clarity of sounds is amazing and comes with a well-controlled bass. The headset has been built with 3.5mm audio connectivity. This makes it absolutely compatible with every other gaming device that supports 3.5mm jack. Its mute mic is quite handy. The volume and the speaker buttons are absolutely user-friendly. This gaming headset is especially known for its controls and great flexibility.


  • It comes with a custom-made, high-quality version of tuned 40mm audio drivers.
  • It also comes with a suspended headrest.
  • The product has been made quite lightweight.
  • It comes with a durable frame.
  • The level of its comfort is quite amazing.
  • The headset is perfect for having a personalized 360-degree gaming experience.
  • Its detachable boon mic adds flexibility to its design.
  • It also comprises of plush leatherette ear cushions.
  • Its USB blocks out any kind of noise prevailing around you.
  • It requires wired connectivity.
  • It requires a Microsoft Windows operating system.

9) Turtle Beach Atlas Gaming Headset

turtle beach atlas one review


  • The cushions around the ears are pretty comfortable.
  • The quality of the sounds produced is perfect for stereo headphones.
  • The microphone is able to pick up sounds quickly.
  • The product is quite durable.
  • Its noise-cancellation feature is just amazing.


  • Due to its amazing noise-cancellation feature, sometimes it feels like a deep, heavy noise in the ears.
  • Its mic is not up to the mark.

This Turtle Beach branded gaming headset is one of the high-quality products which definitely deserves praise and appreciation. The gadget has been optimised carefully for making sounds surrounding you crystal clear. Its headband has been made robust by reinforcing it with metal. This provides the desired durability and makes the product 100% sturdy by most of the standards.

This best gaming headset under 50 has been featured with well-padded and soft memory foam.

This acts as ear cushions which have been in turn, wrapped in synthetic leather. This is enough to provide that comfortable feel while you are busy playing. Also, the product features one of the latest ProSpecs design. This allows the players to play their favourite genre of games while wearing their power glasses. It even does not create any kind of pressure on the ears. This version of the high-end quality product also comes pre-equipped with a flip-up mic which has the ability to pick up voices quite loudly and clearly.


  • The quality of sounds is perfect for gaming purposes.
  • It comes with an amazing flip-up mic.
  • It can be even by persons who wear glasses.
  • Its memory foam ear cushions are pretty comfortable.
  • It is one of the best gaming headset under 50.
  • It also features a metal-reinforced headband.

10) CORSAIR HS50 Gaming Headset

corsair hs50 gaming headset xbox one


  • The product is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Its mute button works perfectly.
  • The sound quality is also pretty good.
  • One can easily move the microphone.
  • Its lean design is pretty handy.
  • It is indeed comfortable.


  • It needs to be handled carefully.
  • Sometimes, while speaking, it kind of buzzes the listeners’ ear which is pretty annoying.

Being manufactured from the best and premium quality materials, this CORSAIR HS50 gaming headset is capable of taking your gaming experience to another level. Metal elements have been used for making its overall design more robust. In addition to this, it also increases the durability and reliability of the product to a great extent. The product is equipped with premium quality 50mm neodymium speaker drivers. This assures the superior quality of audio along with a high range of frequencies.

Its microphone has been designed to be unidirectional. This helps in eliminating all kinds of background noises and in turn, equips the players with an enhanced voice and listening experience.

Also, its ear cups are perfectly padded. It also features a convenient set of mute and volume controls. This can be easily adjusted whenever you play. The product has been approved and certified by Discord. The quality of its mic is amazing and the drivers have been optimised perfectly for bringing exceptional sounds to your ears.


  • The product has been build with premium quality materials.
  • Its provides precision in gaming audio.
  • Its crystal clear microphone is amazing.
  • It also comes with on-ear controls.
  • Its encompasses a certified discord.
  • It allows multi-platform compatibility.
  • It is popularly known for providing high performance.


Therefore, these are some of the best gaming headset under 50. All these products are easily available in the market at a discounted price. You can avail them whenever you wish to replace your old headset or build a completely new set-up for gaming.

FAQ section

1. Which headset can be considered as the best gaming headset under 50?

Well, for this we have enlisted down names of 10 products which can certainly be the best variants of gaming headsets that can be availed at an affordable price.

2. Are expensive headsets worth the price paid for?

Well, it depends. Some headphones may be overpriced but they still may lack some of the other features. Therefore, go for such variants which promise you best quality of sounds and audio. Also, do consider the price if you are on a strict budget.

3. Are 7.1 gaming headsets worth purchasing?

No, in my opinion, they aren’t. Instead, we would like to recommend you to go for stereo headphones. They are definitely the better option.

4. Are gaming headsets better than the headphones?

Well, gaming headsets are headphones only. They possess an inbuilt microphone. While gaming, this makes it quite easy to involve in a nice voice chat with the other players.

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