The Best Gaming Headphones Under 50$


Best Gaming Headphones Under 50$

One of the most important aspects of a game is its sound effects. The sound effects of a particular gameplay a very important role in getting the gamer in the right mood. There is a lot of money being spent on the background music of games nowadays because music and sound effects play a very vital role in the success of any video game. To experience the sound effects and background music of a game, a person needs a good pair of headphones.

There is a wide range of gaming headphones available in the market. Almost all of these gaming headphones give a reasonable price to performance ratio if a comparison is made between them and the casual headphones. Still, it’s a tough task to find good budget-friendly gaming headphones. If you purchase a lower-priced gaming headphone, it will surely lack some of the premium features. Despite this, there are some budget gaming headphones that justify their price. There are multiple headphones that can be used both as a gaming headphone as well as a casual headphone for daily life uses and also come at an affordable price. A good gaming headphone doesn’t mean that it will have a “from the future” look or has a large number of fancy lights. The one major feature that a good gaming headphone needs to have is that it will provide the user with some great audio quality.

Top 5 gaming headphones under 50$

Here, we will tell you about five of the best gaming headphones, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket and are available at an affordable price. All of these headphones are priced below 50$.

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

If you are looking for a gaming headphone that has a great quality mic, then this is one of the products which you should consider buying. If you love to play a large number of more multiplayer games along with your friends and want a headphone that has got a good quality mic, this is one of the best products for you. This headphone has got one of the best boom microphones in the segment making it one of the most value for money products. The ear cups of this headphone are decently padded. In addition to this, the headphone has also got a very lightweight design. Due to these features, the headphone is super comfortable as well as convenient for the user. The headphone has got a nice build quality as well as a well-balanced sound profile which can satisfy the majority of the users.


If the majority of your budget has been spent on a great gaming TV or monitor and you are left on a very restrained budget, then this is the headphone that will be best suit your finances. These headphones might not be as comfortable as some of the other headphones in this list but they will definitely provide some amazing microphone performance. The reproduction of sound from this headphone is quite decent in quality. The microphone quality in this headphone is quite good and it separates the speech from the background noises quite well. The price of this headphone is the lowest amongst all the headphones which are mentioned in the list.


The Steelseries Arctis 1 is very popular as well as an efficient budget headphone. If a user requires a gaming headset that has got a detachable mic with it, then this is one of the products which he or she should consider buying. This is one of the headphones, which can be used both as a gaming headphone as well as a casual headphone. If a person wants to use this headphone as a casual headphone, all that he or she needs to do is remove the detachable mic on this device and then they are good to go. The sound reproduction quality on this headphone is quite good, but there’s one thing which users need to keep in mind and it’s that the sound reproduction of this headphone varies from person to person. This means that different people can experience different sound profiles. The microphone on this gaming headphone has got really great quality.

4. Corsair HS60

If overall performance is what you are looking for, then this gaming headphone from Corsair is one of the best options for you to consider buying. The price of these headphones might be below 50 $ but while using it, you’ll never feel that you’re using a low priced headphone. The headphone can be easily used as a gaming headphone as well as casual headphone because it has got a detachable mic. The build quality of this headphone is simply awesome and so is its design. The speech can be separated by the background noises by the mic of this headphone. The iCUE software of Corsair gives you the power to tune the sound according to your preference along with several numbers of presets.

5. Logitech G432 Gaming Headset

This is one of those headphones which provide a wide range of options for customizations. The headphones have got a gamer design as well as a plastic body. The build of this headphone is not liked by a lot of people, but it surely makes up in the functions and sound quality section. These headphones are best suited for gamers who spend long hours playing games on their computers as it has been built in such a way that they feel super comfortable when someone wears them during extended gaming seasons. They can be only used as wired headphones and also the microphone in this headphone isn’t detachable unlike some of the other headphones in this list.

These are some of the best headphones for people who love to play games. All of these headphones are priced under 50 $. These headphones are feature-rich as well as budget-friendly. These headphones aren’t perfect, but considering their price they give some really amazing performance. Just go through all the details of these headphones and you’ll be able to select the best available option for yourself.

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